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Vote actions in AC servers ( vote kick , vote next track , Vote restart)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by GamerMuscle, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I really hope that AC will have a good method for users to make votes for actions in multi-player and have it so that its very transparent and that by default the settings are decent.

    This would be so that we don't end up with what often happens in RF2 , RF1 and many other games , in that it takes over 60% of the server to vote anything so as a result nothing passes.

    I assume this is the sort of thing that could be programmed as an APP ? but then I also think its the sort of thing that benefits from being on by default for all servers ( unless an admin decides to remove it , its even nice to have it as a fall back when admin go AFK )

    People really need to play LFS or games like CSGO , to see how important and how well a decent voting system can operate. The ability for people to vote kick people that are crashing or vote restart but have a time cap and well thought out limits on this is crucially important for public servers to operate smoothly , and has a massive impact on the quality of game play for those that race on-line.

    Being able to have a vote on some default things like race length and presenting options in a clear way would also be fantastic.

    Just imagine joining a public server with your friends and some random people , no admin present so you go in chat and ask people what they want then simply start a vote for a 5,10,or 20 lap race.

    The key thing is the presentation and the vote pass thresholds , being able to vote kick or vote next session is nothing new but simply having it presented clearly and having decent options is , with only LFS coming close to getting it right.

    I'm really optimistic for AC and you can see from the interface and other aspects of the design of AC and previous kunos games that the developer has a real eye for attention to detail and design.

    I just feel that the above issue is something that can likely be programmed in a relatively short period of time but could have a massive impact when it comes to the games on-line presence.

    Whilst I'm on the subject Kunos PLEASE copy or do something like the method LFS use to send set-ups to other users on the server its genius.
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  2. Sorry for the formatting to much tea :)
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Can I at a request? Make the member with the most clean driven kilometers in-game server admin by default.

    And I hope the aforementioned voting can be disabled completely as well as I really don't like voting in game servers. Certainly not for restarts. If they don't vote in real life ( :) ) I don't need it in a simulation game either.

    But of course the more options the better, so it suits everybody.
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  4. Definitely !

    Its the sort of thing that should always be optional , for admin to turn off but also something that's a default setting so all those random servers that are just set up with default settings offer a good out of the box play experience.

    You always find a bunch of servers run by people that have a good idea and set things up right , but other than that 60-90% of servers just run default settings and that's where I think having a well defined and simple to use vote system works best.

    Its even more of an issue with simulators where its very common for small groups of people to run a server for 8-12 drivers and they don't want to have to learn how to properly configure a server but need something that lets them play with friends quickly and then change settings whilst in game.

    Who knows what Kunos will do , I just wanted to bring it up :)
  5. IMO this should be the job of the admin: to keep things fair and in balance. And if no admin is online, the servers should be configured in a way that it automatically kicks people that are a pita, or applies appropriate penalties.
    Too much vote power isn't always a good thing, imo it's the problem in the first place.
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  6. Server admins could have ability to create "Superusers" group who have only certain basic rights for example to kick people from servers.
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  7. Kicking idiots is a must function.

    Basic things such as "next track", "vote for track" and so forth. Also, it would be good if there was actually a notice that says "the next track is_____" so you know whether to stick around for the next venue.
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  8. You are right having an admin / mods present and knowing what they are doing is always the best solution and the ideal situation , in those cases voting can easily be subdued or disabled should the admin want to.

    The problem is that most servers don't have an admin present all the time and that's where a well configured default voting system comes in.

    Proper server voting is something that's been done very well by LFS and many FPS games , it just seems its the kind of thing driving simulators have ignored despite the fact its a proven method to improve the user experience on-line.

    Obviously nothing is perfect and it has to be designed well and should an admin be present or should a host want to they should be able to remove any voting systems or set it up how they want.

    The key thing is to have a default server setting that allows people to get a server up very fast that already has all the voting set at sensible thresholds and has a good choice in what people can vote on.

    When people do a vote or a vote comes up regardless of admin present or not it should also be the case that its made very clear that a vote is in progress and what button people need to press to vote no or yes. I cannot think to how many times I have been in RF1 or RF2 where just about everyone in the server wants a restart or to move to the next session because current one has finished yet people don't vote because they don't realise you can just press 1 and they cannot find the thumbs up button on the chat window. ( only after typing in chat "pres one " "press one" do people finally vote. )

    The default vote threshold in RF2 seems to be something like 90% as well which makes it nigh imposable for any vote to pas when a server has more than 13 people in it given that it also includes people that are AFK in the vote.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2013
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  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    In all fairness I have seen more abuse of the voting system over the years than it actually served the purpose. Mainly because voting seems to create a democratic popularity contest which it shouldn't be.

    The person responsible for the room either and admin or a superuser as Jari suggested should have more weight into a voting process.

    Nothing is so annoying than racing and all of a sudden the server restarts because some people can't accept that they have been hit or made a mistake and therefore start a voting.

    Not a big fan of public server racing due to exactly that.

    Might sound a bit exaggerated but project this on modern F1. Charly Whiting has gone to the bathroom to take a leak for brief moment. In his absence Van der Garde who spun out by his own mistake initiates a voting getting backed up by all the slower teams (Caterham, Marussia, Williams etc) that smell a second chance and when he returns he sees all of a sudden that the race has ended and the entire F1 grid is lined up again ready to re-start.
    A furious fist-pumping trio of Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso on the first rows who had a comfortable gap towards the rest of the field and were having a flawless race until Guido started voting.

    Repeat this process for restarts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as racing and virtual racing will always have incidents, its part of the sports.

    Imo Charly Whiting is the race director and he calls the shots, not the drivers who have different interests.

    But again everybody should race as they wish and if there is a need for people to host races where the democratic majority of the drivers decides how the race unfolds than it should be included, although as a simulation fan its not my cup of tea.
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  10. Again obviously admin is preferable but the whole point is that you often don't have admin on servers , its obviously a non issue when you have admin because they are there to control it anyway.

    Everything that I said therefore is not applicable to servers with admin and obviously super users and admin will always ultimately control things.

    What I am talking about , and what I am saying is important and is lacking from many driving games, is that the defaults for voting and the clarity of the vote system are set out well.

    "Repeat this process for restarts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as racing and virtual racing will always have incidents, its part of the sports."

    that is a perfect example of where a default setting or appropriate vote settings needs to be well thought out for example for the above scenario the voting should be by default set to .

    1) There is a limit to the number of restart votes per race
    2) There is a vote call down time
    3) Restart race cannot be called after X time

    Obviously as above if there is an admin or super user present , votes can be disabled or moderated and everything said is not rely applicable to servers that have active admins.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2013
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  11. Yes GamerMuscle you are absolutely right about everything you said, totally agree. Abuse of this function happens on badly configured servers...
    If it was possible to let the server "decide" and detect the need for a restart, ie if a collision was detected, that would be really nice. So no more restart vote option needed there.
    Regarding the setup of different events, ie how long is the training, qualifying etc, this should be a simple setting for the admin, and nobody else, so no voting allowed. But of course if for instance its late at night and just 4 guys are on any particular server and want to have some quick fun, there should be a quick race function available, or even a voting system.
    As long as I don't have to worry about my pole position during lap one or two because of a user initiated restart,
    everything is fine :)
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  12. rfactor has always failed for pub racing, I hope AC wont have the same fate.
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  13. Its just weird because as I say its the sort of thing that's 1-2 weeks design and programming work , yet its the sort of thing that has a MASSIVE impact on the end user experience especially from the perspective of new people coming to the game.

    You find allot of people race offline due to time constraints and content and server issues when all these can be largely negated by good design and well thought out defaults for servers.

    Any simulator can benefit from it , its very surprising to me that ISI did not see it as an issue with RF1 ( or have at least not worked on it yet ) , Mind you I think ISI as a company are more focused on back end technology and other aspects of simulation and lack the skill set or staff when it comes to "game design" .

    Kunos on the other hand seem to have a very good intuitive sense of "game design" from what I know about AC.

    i racing again seem to have a very good sense of "game design" and overall product packaging (other than there pricing system) . You can see with i racing that allot of well thought out design has gone into the end user experience of using the product.
  14. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Question guys: Console player here. I can't wait for the release, but it appears that assetto will not be using P2P. While this is good (more stable, less lag), we will not be able to form private lobbies.

    Can you extrapolate (from PC) any way that I'll be able, as host, to form a "private" lobby in a public room? In other words, on the dedicated server at Kunos, will there be a way for the console user in a public lobby to both free up space only for league racers *and* bounce out unwanted players not in the league. A poor man's private lobby of sorts.