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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Hello guys,

    you may wonder why I am posting this here and not at the Races & Schedules thread, but I have a reason, and it is because we will probably apply penaltys from now on in the next cases. Please read:

    Every driver posting a qualification time also have to complete out lap and hot lap. In lap is not mandatory.

    IT IS MANDATORY TO VOTE. You as team spokesman should know that. We will apply a 2 points deduction penaty each time a team spokesman miss a poll in the future, and it is so sad to loose this way what you´ve won on track... voting takes 5 minutes a week.

    Thanks fro reading,
    Every driver posting a qualification time also have to complete out lap and hot lap. In lap is not mandatory.

    Both new rules have been already included in the Rules & Regulations on main site.
  3. I don't want to be difficult here. But i don't understand why. There is no broadcast so nobody sees it. Is there any special reason why this inlap is needed ?

    It would be great though to have the qual on broadcast, it makes some great footage. Would you guys consider this in the future ?
  4. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    So people don't gain the extra advantage of having one less lap of fuel, the same rule is used is quite a few leagues - and it just make sure qualifying is as fair as it can be :)
  5. Same goes with engine settings I belive because there might be people who burn there engines after compliting there hot lap.
  6. It will be up to rF2 and what features it brings. I think one more season with Race series will be there.
  7. Tom means why does anybody have to do it...if the rule didnt exist then everyone can short fuel.

    I always watch for people not doing the inlap...because like you say its not fair. However it would be alot more fair to just scrap the inlap then there can be no cheating.
  8. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    I suppose as its a professional league in a realistic game, doing an inlap makes it more realistic I suppose??
  9. I'm all for realism...but the problem is some people are short fueling.
  10. Then the guys short fueling gets a penalty. Is is real enough for you guys? :cool:
  11. whatever way you fix the problem I'm happy with...all I am doing is explaining Toms suggestion. His solution is less work and zero chance of anyone getting away with cheating beacuse nobody does the inlap.
  12. Thx Mike, exactly what i meant. Nobody sees the inlap anway. I would understand it when it was broadcasted. Now its abit pointless tbh.
  13. Also a solution is to make the Q just open instead of Superpole.
    But saying that for alot of seasons now. But thats my personal taste.

    Now that we are at the subject for broadcast etc. Why isnt there a broadcast for the Q?
    Now we join alot of times at the end of warm up or even the beginning of the formation lap. Wich is imo way to late. :)
  14. I would like open Q, but also I think it would cause alot of problems. we would need incident reports for blocking etc in Q
  15. Mwah is this a professional League or not? :)
    I drove alot of leagues with just open Q and even 40 cars on the grid at Trois. Its just a mindset, what is important. And i think with the drivers quality here at STC that shouldnt be a problem at all.
  16. Will think about all your ideas and bring something back.
  17. one of the reaons for the late broadcast is the friendly voice arriving at home at about 19.45 cet most thursday nights :) and feeling the need to at least have a bite to eat and a little time for the family. i have been known to do the commentary in my shirt and tie grabbing a mouthful while xose and david were talking, though that wa sonly once or twice.
    that said, super pole is a great format and i just cannot see why people read a certain set of rules and then don't follow them. beats me, utterly.
  18. lol I will remember you said this ;)

    I have driven in open Q before Ivo :D

    I'm not against open Q, but I know you will see incidents, arguments etc. Just like real life. We have incidents every race, with open Q we will have incidents every qualify. If we go with an open Q then we have to figure out some sort of rules about blocking and incident reports.

    Having said that, open Q is fine with me, but im not going to pretend we are all going to group hug at the end. :)
  19. Lol i know. Just saying. :)

    Edit: Yeah i never expect that also. Arguments always will be there.
    But if we have some clear guidelines like every league with Open Q i dont see any problem. :)
  20. I personly wouldn't like to go into open qualify as Super Pole is one of the many things that make STC special. I am not aganst it (as I like Open qualify more then super pole) but I think that the picture of STC would change quite a lot with open Q.
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Not open for further replies.