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Volunteers for "beta-testing" Power&Glory v3 online fixes

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by DucFreak, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. DucFreak


    Hello everybody, :)

    We're fixing bugs and stuff (graphical stuff mostly) but we recently found out some file structure issues in P&G that, we suspect, may be the cause for some of the problems online (mistmatches, boots, disconnects, etc), and we're trying to fix it with a comfortable solution.
    The purpose of this "beta-testing" is to see if and how things are improved online (mistmatch issues, online stability) with this "fix".

    EDIT: We now have a server running for the "beta-testing", thanks to JJC1. :thumbsup:

    Although some of us in the team are interested in participating (when and if possible), we really need a decent number of clients (users) joining the "beta-test" server, all of which will need to install a "fix" in their P&G v3 installation for this test purpose.

    If any of you wish to participate, please PM me for the details and procedures. ;)

    Thanks in advance from the GTLW mod team.
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