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Voice chat in club races

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jon Denton, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I noticed that RD has a TeamSpeak server, do any of you guys use it in club races?


  2. I tested it just yesterday night with some country mates (sorted out an echo effect ...)
    probably I'll use it during training but never for official race, it distracts me a lot ...

    anyway would be useful to use it for RACE DIRECTOR comunication during upcoming NATIONS GP, drivers listen mode only :D

    we have to test it soon on our club to verify any issue, such as bandwith problem on our PC ...

    anyway useful suggestion mate, thanks
  3. Well, it's worth looking at a "speak when spoken to" setup for it in the league.

    For normal club races we'd need to setup and respect our own rules, but it's easy enough to mute the sound by setting a button on your wheel, so that you don't hear people talking, which I would need when in car.

    Rules could state no talking in qualifying or a race, but just in practice. I guess. As I say, you can always mute the sound when out on track and unmute it when you come in, or when in doom mode strolling about.
  4. I think the race director idea for the league could be really brilliant. And I hope it is a plan, which explains the one open spot, that will be reality.

    This race director could superwise the race, helping out with announcing gap times, blue flags and stuff.

    It should be someone that uses a calm voice and only tells the necessary off course, cant be shouting and distracting people. But I dont think it would be a problem if it's done in the right way. When youre doing many laps and are fully concentrated, it's kind of a part of it to block out distractions already.
  5. I'm trying to join Paul on TS, where are the RD TS login passwords etc?
  6. It's the same as the club password, I believe.

  7. Yeah found it cheers Senad. On now Paul when you see this
  8. Thanks again for the advice Lee! finally managed a 1,41.. :p