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Misc Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer credit to willcani for original 2.1

Detailed commands, No need to press talk to engineer button and fixed loss of steering control.

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    Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer credit to willcani for original - I have added more features / commands and you no longer need to press push to talk cbutton

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  2. Huh... It doesn't hold the "push-to-talk" key (T) until it reaches the last commands (vehicle condition to weather forecast). As we can't hold a key, i think you should reduce the timers.
    I've tried 0.01 and it was too short for the game to react.

    Or maybe I am just doing something incorrectly ?
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  3. It works on my pc but what you can do is add another push t command half way through the sequence. Once T has been pressed though it seems to need about 0.6 seconds for it to be ready to do something else. Pushing the T button seems to keep it active for around 1 to seconds so just adding one in the middle should do the trick (maybe its a processor speed thing). But reducing the timers is no the solution it is adding more T presses :)
  4. I will add / change it tomorrow or Tuesday and see what I can achieve with further testing. It must be a processor speed issue though (I have an I5 4670K - not over clocked at the moment). I fyou get a chance though add another T press on the functions it is not working well enough on your PC and we can see if this is the issue and if it is the way to cure the problem :)
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    Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer credit to willcani for original

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  6. I have just updated this but as I am not getting this issue can you please test this for me and let me know the results and if you are happy with it :) I have used various different timers and would like some feedback as to which works best - I will need feedback of quali and race as they have different settings (as you can see)
  7. It works better, in quali and race. But not for the weather in race :/
    for the processor i have a i5-4430 (3GHz)
    And you can be pretty sure someone is going to have the problem no matter how we attend it... (putting a T between each key ? T_T)

    I am seriously starting to think about developping a dedicated tool, with all the commands possible ingame, with the key procedures (taking in account what hardware the user have maybe ?), and a list of trigger phrase for each command...
    Because it's either Vocals or Voice Attack and they are both a nightmare :/
  8. I will try adding more "T"'s tomorrow for you but it should work I agree that both are a bit difficult :) I think the weather in race had a longer time delay so it could just be a simple case of changing that. Another possibility is looking at the game files and seeing if we can change how long after pushing the push to talk button does it stay active for ( my guess at the moment is 1 second but I have not dug into the games files to see if that is easy to find) but if that is possible we could change that to say 5 seconds and that would solve the problem.
  9. I am also getting wheel input troubles now as well when the program is using a command. I think that your suggestion of building a program from the ground up may be the only solution as that way you could allow inputs from controllers to be used instead of just keyboard @Willcani It is disappointing that this is a limitation of the program. I have not done any C+ programming for years so I will not have the skill levels to be able to do that myself for this game as I would have to teach myself everything from scratch again! Lets hope they do the patch soon!