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Vitaly Petrov Eyes F1 Comeback

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Apr 2, 2013.

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  2. I like Vitaly, but I was especially disappointed to see Heikki leave F1 last year.
  3. The number 2 seat at Red Vettel Bull will most likely be available for him, if he wants to be Vettel's, Newey's, Horner's and Marko's "yes man, anything you say man".
  4. Petrov, sorry mate you are simply not good enough.
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  5. But Petrov is known to be the hardest driver to overtake on track, that has to count for something, and he definitively is good enough for some of the higher tier teams. He is quite the talented fellow
  6. Bram

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    If you are referring to that legendary 2010 Abu Dhabi race yes he was good there. But I wouldnt brand him as the hardest driver to overtake on track.

    Neither is he very talented compared to other drivers in the current F1 field. Money talks and thats the only reason we will see him return to F1 in the future.
  7. i think you're being a bit rough on him:) .....he had some good drives in his rookie year...remember Malasya,where he had Lewis Hamilton weaving all over the track in massive desparation to stay ahead? The fight with Alonso in Abu.He also outQ'ed Kubica once or twice that year as well. In 2011 managed a 3rd at the Australian GP and didnt do that bad during the season,conisdering Renault's form. In 2012 he was IMO the better driver during races,securing 10th for the team in the constructors and not to forget that he is also an excelent driver in the rain,even putting a couple of moves on the rain-master himself
    So he is nowhere nearly as bad as his crashes suggest.The problem with Vitaly is that he is Russian...and it'll take a Russian GP before the world warms up to the idea..IMO
  8. People seem to forget that Petrov was consistently out-qualifying Kovalainen by the end of last season, and was very solid in the races; Many people seem to have overlooked that.