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Visual Damage Model

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by grirvan, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Thought I would post this here since I did not get a response after posting on Steam. "The old SimBin titles never did have an extreme visual damage model, but RaceRoom is very very minimal, even compared to older titles. If I had my wishes there would be scratches when rubbing another car, dents as a result of any impact, with increasing amounts of damage based on the intensity of the impact. Hoods coming off more easily, tires coming off....these were in the older titles. I am not wishing for damage such as Wreckfest (which I also own), but just an increase in the damage model from where it is at to more realistic/real world, working within the parameters existing. Devs is this something in future plans?"
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  2. Yeah the damage model and collision model is very poor at the moment, even worse than Race series.
    In a racing game like this there needs to be some kinda damage, doesn't have to be crazy detailed but the collision needs to be great.
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  3. I wrote about this in a post here and on steam too, the damage model is way too insensitive.

    I loved to se a totally wrecked and smoking AI car on the side of the road when driving by an accident in Race 07!

    Along with flat tires, aerodynamic and suspension problems.
    And other mechanical failures, like overheated engine, engine blowout.
    Dirt, wear, insects and cracks on the windshield.
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  4. Agreed, and as you mentioned it's the little things too.
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  5. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

    The amazing GTR2...
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  6. Well, the following is for rFactor, but I have seen/done videos of the same kind of crash realism with Race07:

    This kind of damage and even more must be achievable in RRRE...unless the code has devolved (unlikely, surely).
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  7. A taste of Race07's:

  8. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Even LFS (Live for speed) has a decent damage model: visual body damage, performance damage, engine, clutch, gears, ...
    Was somewhat ridiculous in the beginning (cars jumping, rolling and rolling and rolling and rolling again) but evolved to quite satisfying now.
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  9. Agreed, LFS's is good. :thumbsup:

    Nothing I have seen thus far surpasses pCARS, though. Really really impressive (though it seems a bit overdone, perhaps deliberately so in order to demonstrate how far the madness engine can go in that respect).

    I believe there's a lot that can be done with ISIMOTOR2 in regards to damage, both in terms of damage physics calibrations and the code itself (which depends on the type of license acquired by Sector3/SIMBIN).

    Real damage, not just cosmetic one. So, when people above refer to "poor" damage with Race07, I'm certain they never saw how far we can go with it. Dents, wings at wrong angles, wings falling off, diffusers broken, broken suspension, wheels torn off, hood and mirrors being ejected - all this is configurable and achievable. I can only imagine (and dream of) what Mark and team have at their disposal.
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  10. Great examples Chronus. Nothing near the level of Wreckfest, but somewhere in between would be an improvement towards realistic.
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  11. Would be nice to hear from a dev what's in the plans for the damage model! :)
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  12. Surely any sim worth its weight in gold, should have a great damage model.
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  13. How about the driver escape from the car and his butt get fire? :p
  14. The problem is that the actual visual damage is too weak, my car should be way more damaged after i crash into a barrier at 150kmh like i did in the photo here


    Visualy its good enough, but too weak, need more mechanical damage though (a lot more)
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  15. When a car rolls, after a minute or so it disappears and re-emerges from the pitts. Maybe leave it there, out of the race.
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  16. There must have been a few transfers to Sim-hospital from that lot.

  17. Weak? I think it better than AC. Will be perfect if they add some scratch and dirt texture.
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  18. And with flat tires, engine blowouts, sparks on some body contacts with other cars and road bumps, cracks or scratching / wear on windows.
    And also a change in the car behavior after contact / crashes!
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  19. I wouldn't say no to some more dirt, scratches and mechanical issues, but I'm never too fussed about a huge damage model: if I have a big accident, I'm out of the race - don't mind what it looks like.

    GTR2's damage model was the biggest problem with the game; it meant if you had a race longer than 90 minutes the other cars were all damaged and bent and slowed right down; I've only been able to enjoy enduros since working out how to reduce/remove it.
  20. I usually think 30 minute races are enough when I do championships, so I don't mind a few DNF..
    Adds tension and realism to the the races. :confused::roflmao:
    And we have the option to turn those things off, I guess that won't change. :thumbsup:
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