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Vista Ultimate problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by James Capper, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I'm trying to install btb on vista but not having any luck.
    After install I go to launch the program and an error message appears,(see Attachment) can any one help me????????:sinister:

  2. don't botrher had enough of this crap and going back to xp
  3. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Please specify if you try this on Vista Ultimate 32 bits or 64 bits.
  4. Well, I get the same error in Vista 32.
  5. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I have version 0.601 (v0.6 updated to 0.601) running on Vista 32 without this problem.
    It might be related with 602 or 603 build?
  6. Perhaps, I only downloaded it an hour ago so I'll have the 603 build.
  7. I have BTB and vista ultimate 32bit with other problem, you can try changing the compatibility of the software.

    Click on BobsTrackBuilder.exe with right button of the mouse and go to compatibility, later set on windows xp sp2

    I have solved some problems in this way, but still slow when I move the nodes of the path
  8. I run Vista 32 Ultimate, and dindt have a problem
    I allways Right click on the installer and "run as admin"
    Its the only way I can get most software to install on Vista
  9. I´m running in Vista 32 ultimate and everything is fine in BTB...

    but i cant play any BTB proyects on RBR under RX plugin, that happens in vista and Xp.... only in my PC, maybe a corrupt file?? but RBR run fine.

    i´m going crazy.
  10. I have vista 32 ultimate and the default shortcuts didn't work but if I start btb straight from the map where it's installed as admin everything works like it should...
  11. Make sure you have installed DirectX 9.0c in Vista.
    I know Vista has DX10 but you need DX9 as well to get BTB to run.

  12. I played BTB 6.0.1/2/3 on vista ultimate with out any problem. my PC spec:

    P5K pro - intel E6750 - 2Gb 800 DDR2 - Nvidia 8800gt -


    upssss, some problems here at 6.0.3.

    1. I can`t load any custom DDS texture to my proyects.

    2. editing terrain, it will crash if i use the (click and drag) method and leave to hold the mouse in a place where is no track built.

    3. If i create some surfaces in one track i can`t set random values to this surfaces... only to the first surface of each trach.
  13. any updates now that it's up to running under vista?
  14. Im able to run the last BTB version in my home Vista 32 Bits Spec whitout any problem with Dual Core E6600, 2GB Ram and nVidia Ge Force 8800 GTS 640 MB:wink2:
  15. I have a very simular setup to you.. I will give it a go on my Vista PC and cross my fingers and hope it runs...:coffee2:
  16. Vista has got to be the worst Windows ever. Let's hope Windows 7 will be better. They must do away with this admin crap for starters.

    My BTB used to run. Now it won't
  17. No problems with BTB on vista for me so I'm guessing that if anyone has problems, it is specific to their machine.

    I'm running Vista Ultimate 32bit:
    AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 3.1GHz
    4GB RAM (3GB recognised - didn't want to go 64bit)
    ATi 3850 512mb
  18. no problems here either vista 64 bits, runs smoothly.
  19. Greybrad


    Vista 64 ultimate

    I have only one problem and it's caused by the method that BTB checks the license. BTB runs most of the time ok, but now and then it tells me the license has expired when it hasn't, I reboot and BTB is running again. No I don't play with the system clock settings.

    I've never had that unhandled exception error on Vista 64 ultimate.
  20. Vista is great, a lot better then XP. W7 is even better but very few modifications from Vista.

    BTB run fine on both, except on my notebooks where I have artifacts problem.