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Visor overlay alternative

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by aagancia, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Just want to share this...

    This is an alternative for those with systems that could not run kenken's ingenious visor view mod.

    This alternative is far less elegant and beautiful than kenken's. So if his visor view mod works for you, there's no need to read on.:)

    Got this idea from NeoStuey when he used an overlay app for his Mac.

    Used Geoff's Picture Overlay App. http://www.hoagieshouse.com/apps/Picture_Overlay.html

    This app can only handle GIF, which makes visor texture of far less quality. Make sure to read Geoff's instructions to make transparency work, specially that thing about the upper left most pixel.

    It helps to make your taskbar auto-hide

    Works only in windowed mode. Do not run game in full screen, just maximize the window.

    Visor texture by Rini Braat.
    Visor template by T46D.

    Credits to Kenken for the original visor view mod.
    Thanks to NeoStuey for giving the idea to use an overlay app in his Mac.

    If you guys have a better overlay app that can handle PNG, please share with us.
  2. This means that it works with dx10?I hope:D
  3. It should work on all dx10 system, even dx9 or older I think. Let me know if it works in your.
  4. Will try it later, thanks:).By the way because it's for older versions that can't be that you put logos on visors like timoty's work or that 's for just dx11?
  5. you can put logos. but due to GIF limitations, it has to be opaque.
  6. You can send me the image used in the video, or give more info (if is, gif, JPEG ....), I and downloaded pictures of racedepartament (. dds. psd) to transform them, gif, JPEG .... and the result is this:
  7. you must use GIF only, any other format will not work.

    if you are using the visor template by T46D. make sure to remove the layers on the visor (Car Neutral, Visor, Dirt). The visor part must be completely blank.

    Also make sure that the upper left pixel of the image is blank. It not, your visor will not be transparent.
  8. Why? You can see there's still enough :)
  9. Thanks, am going to try