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Featured Virtual Stock Car Championship: Round 1 - Cascavel (Live Stream)

Discussion in 'RD Stock Car Championship' started by Nox, May 9, 2015.

  1. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Round 1 of the Virtual Stock Car Championship kicks off today at the Autodromo Internacional Zilmar Beux, more commonly known as Cascavel, the "Rattlesnake Raceway". You can watch full live coverage of qualifying and the race, with commentary courtesy of Thomas Hinss and R.J. O'Connell, starting at 19:00 GMT!

    The pressure really kicks off today - in just a 5 round championship, every race is key, especially because the bottom 5 placed drivers will get relegated to server 2 for the second round, where there are less points on offer.

    Watch the event live, and also join in with the conversation, on our live stream page featuring the popular chat-box. Grab the spotter guide here!
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  2. Bram

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    Best of luck to all the drivers. :thumbsup:
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