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Virtual mods working erratically with build 1028?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by tpw, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. tpw


    With the latest release of rF2 virtual mods seem to have stopped working properly. I've made a few consisting of my favourite cars and tracks, and they've worked just fine til now. After I upgraded the mod is still shown as installed in the launcher, and the rfmod file itself is present in the packages directory. However when I run the game it always starts with "All cars and tracks". Clicking on the series button will either not show the rfmod, or will show it but not allow me to activate it.

    If I create and install a new rfmod using MAS2 then it will appear in game, but if I quit and restart the game then it will just disappear again.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. I think that is what it should be doing. In previous builds it always started with the last Vmod you had used. This caused some confusing with people who went from a online session to offline.

    About the Vmods disappearing in game, that should not be happing. If a Vmod is shown installed in the launcher it should show up ingame...
  3. tpw


    Thanks Gijs, maybe that new behaviour is causing my confusion. I think I've got it all sorted by uninstalling and deleting the vmod, starting the game and confirming that there is nothing there, quitting again, building and installing a new vmod, starting the game and activating the vmod. The new vmod seems to survive repeated restarts so fingers crossed. Thanks again for your help as always Gijs!
  4. I did some testing:

    - Offline: rF2 will start up with the latest Series you had selected.
    - Going from online to offline: It will start up with "All Tracks & Cars"

    I know you know this. But just in case you had missed it:
    Go to "Series" and untick "All tracks & Cars" to show all the Series you have.
    Note: Even the uninstalled Vmods are shown in this list. But you can't install&uninstall them in game no more.


    Some inside info:

    - Installed Series or Vmods can be found in the "rFactor2/installed/rfm" folder: as a .mas file
    - an Installed Vmod will create a .cch file in your "Userdata/player" folder
    - If you used a Vmod to setup a server it will create a "dedicatedMODNAME.ini" file in your "Userdata/player" folder.

    the .cch files and dedicatedMODNAME.ini files won't be deleted if you uninstall a Vmod. They should not give any conflicts, so no problem.

    To clean up stuff:
    - Uninstall all Vmods
    - Check the "rFactor2/installed/rfm" folder. (keep All Tracks & Cars_10.mas) delete others
    - Delete the .cch files and the dedicated files in the "Userdata/player". (don't delete the All Tracks & cars.cch)
    - Install your Vmods again.

    Important Note:
    - If you have the ISI RaceEvents Vmods: Don't delete those .mas files and don't delete their .cch files. :barefoot:
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  5. tpw


    Thank you, that was incredibly helpful!