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Virtual Grand Prix 3 > (R)Evolution

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Bram, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Virtual Grand Prix 3 > (R)Evolution

    Homepage: VGP3 Homepage

    In the tradition of delivering one of the most realistic virtual driving experience, the third chapter of the “Virtual Grand Prix” saga features an even more immersive feeling thanks to a completely redesigned 3d engine, a fully customizable dynamic engine, an even more improved AI and a new netcode.

    The mission of VGP3 is to give you, the "virtual driver", not only a serious open-wheeled racecar simulator, but also a flexible virtual reality powered by an easy to customize dynamic engine - design new tracks to race on with TrackDesigner3, and create new vehicles by assembling and customizing the VGP3 mechanical components database!

    We'll not say the boring "don't try this at home" words! Learning how to drive in VGP3 is, in fact, more than a driving school - forget about "fun" arcade games, for us "fun" means facing the trouble of keeping a real, powerful, nervous racecar on the track when you push it to its limits!

    Moreover, VGP3 is not simply "a game" - you won't simply "buy" it and then be happy or not with it, by subscribing an account you'll have a one-year access to any new content available on the Official Website, including upgrades, new tracks, new cars and all the tools and documentation you may use to customize the simulator!

    Improved Artificial Intelligence > Learning

    The new Artificial Intelligence is an evolution of the acclaimed VGP2 AI - as in VGP2, computer controlled cars are a real challenge for human players, yet they are able to prevent collisions with the users, if possible, in a clever way - maybe transforming a dangerous manouvre from the player in an overtaking opportunity, just like a real, skilled driver.

    But now, computer controlled drivers can also improve their laptimes by really learning the track!

    No more ideal lines required, simply design your own track, create brand new vehicles and then have fun watching the AI discovering the best line, braking points and maximum speed in turns, improving lap after lap by practising just like a real driver does!

    Of course, every different computer controlled driver can have his personal "skills" and perform better or worse than the others in many aspects - moreover, the global level of the AI is user-selectable so that inexperienced drivers may, at first, reduce the AI strength in order to be able to compete until enough experience has been made.

    The community > Share your ideas

    Join the VGP3 community: find new friends, discuss the future of VGP3, find virtual drivers all over the world and challenge them - VGP3 is designed for multiplayer online races across the Internet, and the advanced prediction method of the VGP3 netcode lets users race tyre-to-tyre online at over 300Kph!

    Enter a world of motorsport racing where nothing is "closed" - tools and documentation are available in order to customize quite every aspect of VGP3 and create new content - and when you're done, if you like, you will have the possibility to share your creations with thousands of users all over the world!

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  2. Someone tried it so far?
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Starting to look damn hot:

  4. they have a demo up at the site, so you could make up your own mind if you think there is a future in this sim... I'm downloading right now...
  5. I've tried the demo, bit too basic and unfinished looking for me at the moment but worth keeping an eye on.
  6. I bought full product. I love it. Great AI races with my son and I over lan. Tire squeal is not my favorite, but everything else is great. Load times are super fast. Frame rates, tracks, physics, and FFB.
  7. i like it a lot !