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Featured Virtual Formula Abarth Championship - Spa-Franchorchamps Recap Video

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Chris, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    The penultimate round of RaceDepartment's Virtual Formula Abarth Championship concluded Saturday evening with the newly crowned champion, Sun Levi, taking yet another race win, making it six wins from six races.

    The makings of a dominant session began in qualifying when Levi comfortably put his car on Pole Position by almost a full second to the next car on the grid. When the five red lights went out, the race win never looked in doubt as he drove away from the chasing pack with relative ease, pulling out a four second lead after just three laps, eventually going on to win the race by a commanding 15 seconds to second placed Justin Talent.

    After the events of the race at Spa, Talent has all but secured second place in the championship heading into the final round at the Italian temple of speed, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, in 10 days time.

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  2. Always love watching these things but boy there are some graphical issues here.
  3. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    Woot, got a mention :D
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  4. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Have to give a shout out to @Joao Alves for helping us out with some of the Adobe Premiere settings :thumbsup: Thanks mate
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  5. Casper

    APIA RACING 2 Premium

    David that was brilliant. Great job mate.:thumbsup:
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  6. Justin

    #1 overuser of the :P emoticon

    Well done to everyone involved in the production of this video. Absolutely top stuff!

    You have a great commentary voice David! :D
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  7. Very professional video !
    Thank you.
  8. Amedeo Fiorella

    Amedeo Fiorella
    FFT Corse driver #116 Aston Martin v8 Vantage Premium

    Amazing video recap!! :D
  9. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    Love the NFS music, what a championship, well done guys.
  10. Ashley Cowan

    Ashley Cowan

    Dave, That production was amazing.
    To quote you "see you in a fortnight for the final round of Australian Formula Abarth Championship"
  11. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2015
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  12. Stelios


    Really nice video, well done !
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  13. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    Just got Asseto from F1 codemaster games, how do I get involved in this? I'm australian?
  14. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Well firstly you'll need to get yourself a Premium Membership here.

    Once you're a premium member, you'll be eligible to compete in club and league races, however because you're just beginning with Assetto Corsa, you should check out our Premium Driver Academy, where you'll learn all the basics, and how you can get your RD racing experience off to a good start :)
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  15. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    Thanks, ill go premium academy first.
  16. Great production on that video. Congratz to all involved.