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Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup - Round 4: Nürburgring Sprint (Live Stream)

Discussion in 'RD BMW M235i Racing Cup' started by Daiman Patel, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
    Damimam Staff

    VBRC Round 4 Nürburgring Flyer.png
    After three blistering events, the Virtual BMW M235i Racing Cup, in Assetto Corsa, has reached that unfortunate stage in the season - the final round! However, it is expected that the fourth race of the championship will bring as much, if not more excitement than the previous meetings. Round 4 will take us to the home of the BMW M235i Racing, the Nürburgring in Germany. Once again, due to the sheer amount of interest that this championship has received, races shall be ran across two servers to accommodate the grid. The event shall be on Wednesday 24th June 2015, and there will as always be a live web stream for viewers across the world.

    Since 2014, the Nürburgring has played host to the BMW M235i Racing cup class for customer and privateer teams, as part of the VLN and 24 hour endurance event. And this race will give the grid of 37 thrill-seeking, sim-racing drivers the opportunity to battle it out in the virtual world, at the infamous circuit where the star of this single-make competition was bred into a true racer! The Sprintstrecke, which deviates from the GP Strecke shortly before turn 6 and rejoins just after the Schumacher-S, via the Conti-Spange, shortening the track by approximate 1.5km, is the layout of choice for the VBRC.

    The format for this event will be a single 28-lap race, after an initial 15 minute qualifying session to determine the grid order. Once again we're hoping for an action packed evening of close fought racing!

    Watch the live stream on Wednesday!
    We will be bringing you full, live coverage of qualifying and the race, with commentary courtesy of R.J. O'Connell and Yuri Kasdorp, from 18:45 GMT onwards.

    You will be able to watch the event live, and also join in with the conversation, on our live stream page featuring the popular chat-box.

    Round 3 @ Imola - Race Recap
    Fewer disciplinary actions were taken following this race compared to the previous rounds, with only seven of the drivers on server one penalised for race incidents and infringements. MadCape Racing's Jack Keithley came in first, with a resounding victory - he finished 18 seconds ahead of Ross Balfour (Roaring Pipes Maniacs), and a further 4 seconds ahead of the current championship leader, Niki Djakovic (Team Vires). Niki's closest competitor, Akis Kevrekidis (Double Dragon), could manage only 8th, with Geoffroy Tassenoy (New Horizons) hot on his heels in 3rd position overall - his 5th place finish allowed him to gain a place in the standings. Meanwhile, on server two, there were a mere five finishers, and two DNFs. Alexander Kholodkevich (United Racing Design) finished 20 seconds ahead of Stelios Fevgatos (Double Dragon) in 2nd place. Independent driver Franklin Stegink rounded off the podium spots on the second server. The final two spots were claimed by two more independent drivers, Daniel Holst and Dinca Andrei, respectively. More information can be found in the final results and standings tables following Round 3 of the VBRC.

    Don't forget to check out the the full entry list of teams and drivers, as well as further details about the upcoming race.
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  2. Torben Sauthoff

    Torben Sauthoff

    outstanding commentary again, thanks for that!

    ...but the jumping/lagging cars from round 1 were back.
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