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Featured Cars Virtua Simulazioni - Ferrari F1 Concept 1.01

Ferrari F1 Concept for Assetto Corsa by Virtua Simulazioni

  1. Untitled.jpg Virtua Simulazioni - A modding team that is quickly becoming renowned as the best in the business - have just released the conceptual Formula One car that Ferrari released renders of several months ago. Now through the power of hardwork and a little bit of magic, you too can drive it in Assetto Corsa!

    Replicated with a painstaking attention to detail and additional features such as an interactive and changeable display unit on the steering wheel, shift lights literally IN the cockpit, an adjustable turbo and a users manual all combine to make this one of the most impressive concept cars in history.

    Already receiving rave reviews, the Ferrari F1 Concept car can be found for download right here on the RaceDepartment downloads section!

    Have you tried this incredible car yet? Leave your feedback below!
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  2. ;);)graciasss!!
  3. Sorry, but where to downlaod the skin pack ?
  4. This would bring me back to F1....lost interest when the cars started looking way to fungky
  5. NeverKrash

    CTDP, URD, RSS, ORC, VS, Pro Sound Designer Premium

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  6. gotta miss you and your work m8. All the best for whatever you do in the future. Hope you come back one day if everything settles down for you
  7. airutonpurosuto8912


    Whooooooaaaah! :thumbsup:
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  8. pasote de cocheee,muy muy divertido,y buenos graficos,sonido y fisicas..¡¡UN 10!!
  9. I downloaded it this morning, do I still need to apply the hotfix?
  10. NeverKrash

    CTDP, URD, RSS, ORC, VS, Pro Sound Designer Premium

    Yep. It's a very small file though so it won't be much trouble, when Filippo is back he'll update the mod fully. You won't have to re-download the whole mod if you patch it now (unless we discover something significant to update in the next few hours).

    Thanks :) I have a couple of cars to complete like amg gts, and F50, because Zaknix and Massimo are great people, but have closed the book on Assetto Corsa and will go back to being a regular person. I appreciate the sentiments, and will look to upload a small gift on my YT channel soon
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  11. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    Play by Play LoL+RL Caster at AussieGamingTV Premium

    I look forward to taking this for a spin, and then maybe into the paintshop afterwards :D
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  12. You will never see such a thing in real life on track. The Aero designers are laughing hard now,... does that thing at the front even generate downforce.:p

    Looks nice but i doubt we ever see a F1 that is going to look like this though. But will see maybe they suprise us some day.:cool:
  13. What a phenomenal job Virtua Simulazioni!
    The car is so much fun to drive.:D
    We need this in club racing ASAP, or even better would be an RD league for this.
    That would be amazing:thumbsup:
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  14. Vimal Ana

    Vimal Ana
    Always racing, Always flying

    Oh god I rather have the way cars look now compared to those though....
    Though it's a very interesting look into future f1 cars!
  15. That was a bit harsh, but you are right. F1 cars look "fungky" for a reason. Modern CFD software packages run on supercomputers (or clusters) apparently can do magic. And the front wings of the modern formulas look almost alien these days.

    This concept doesn't make sense at least thanks to the swept wings. It's not a supersonic jet, it's an F1 car :/ You don't have to care about wave drag all the way up to transonic, so you better have your wings straight. Especially while being seriously constrained about their length.
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  16. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Seriously nice work. I don't mind mods if they are done properly and of course there will always be a bit of physics guesswork with a concept like this.

    Looking forward to trying this one later! :)

    Any chance of the Mazda LM55 being done as well!? :D
  17. Bazooka_Joe

    Best of the worst, sometimes worst of the worst. Premium

    Brilliant looking car and great concept. Yes, it is a bit aero-unrealistic, plenty of other things can be done better/more efficiently, but don't forget this is only a concept - an initial designer's vision.

    Like many road car concepts - they look so amazing when first shown, with aggressive lines but during their way to production some features are reduced/ditched to manage costs etc. So yeah - keep in mind it's an initial concept and it is certainly magnificent to look at.

    Great concept, great car and really fun to drive too! Thanks VS!
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  18. xnorb


    Beside the car looking "weird" i wonder how a mod of this could even be done without any technical data behind the design concept?
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  19. I hope that this car never comes to F1, it is horrible
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