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VIR Virginia International Raceway

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Esotic, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Esotic

    Premium Member

  2. Its a nice track, drives very funny with this ups and downs and the converter tool is very easy to use, works very well, but... this graphic really, really need a push up to SCE standard. Sky texture ? nothing, its a blank blue wall. It remember me of grand prix 1992 or something. :O_o: :D

    Im waiting for patricks work, if he will do it.

    Thx for sharing the converter.
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  3. VIR has won the bonus track voting, so it's coming directly from reiza in the future ;)
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  4. Great ! Sounds good. :thumbsup:

    Can i see the voting page ? Where is it ?
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  5. You can't see the voting page (or Reiza forum) unless you donated to the crowd funding.
  6. Understand, thx.
  7. No problem at all. Keep in mind you can still support Reiza and you'll get access to betas for $25. The betas have been a lot of fun (V8 supercars and now Lancer cup cars).
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  8. Esotic

    Premium Member

    I like tracks to look good, but I'm more concerned at how well they run. I tried a nurburgring track and it caused my fps to drop. I feel like most other tracks, especially the official ones, do not.
  9. So what car won the voting thing?
  10. xnorb

    Premium Member

    We're still in the process of voting.
    The top 5 cars of vote #1 will be the entries for a 2nd vote.
    The winner of that will be the community chosen car.
  11. Can you tell me which cars are in the top 5 at the moment?
  12. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    Nope, sorry. The voting only concerns the people who contributed to the campaign - we'll announce the result once it's done :)
  13. You Cheeky little Basta.... LOL Just Kidding

    I guess i need to donate then XD
  14. Esotic

    Premium Member

    As an fyi, I was able to easily drop in some high quality rfactor sky textures into these locations. The sky textures I found might actually look too good. :p
  15. So glad to see that VIR is in the works. I think it is one of the top road racing courses in the USA. And it has some interesting alternate configurations. If you like S's and hills....this is a track for you...


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