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Tracks Vintage "TAG Heuer" Jerez 1.3

Old Sponsor for Jerez

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  1. Did you Age that Sign m8 yourself If so really nice work;)
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  2. 5 stars ! I don't know how to rate, so I just thumb up your post ;). Awesome job, same for you BSR !
  3. When you Click on a Mod at the right and side of the Screen you will 5 Empty Stars.
    Click on the Stars , This Got me as well:thumbsup:
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  4. Perfect thank you ! 5 stars given ! I am going to go do the same for you, cheers and looking forward to both of yall future mods.
  5. Bellisimo ! excellent work amigo :)
  6. thanks but I need to refine the work. I understand the organization of the banner. you can do better with more 'sponsors......beta test.
  7. you can create a video with these 2 versions of the circuit?. thanks
  8. Great! thank you!
  9. Thank you,:thumbsup:
  10. Nice work.
    Thank you.
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  11. I appreciate your great work but specially in Jerez (not so much in Brands), there's a lot of shimmering in the signs and some of them are absolutely bright at the point you can't see what is displaying. Again thanks for your work and my criticism is intended to be constructive and kind.
    BTW can you do same job for Imola and Estoril or perhaps you haven't classic edition ?

    Sorry I just realized Estoril and Imola are encripted in diferent files and there's no tools at the moment to read them.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2013
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  12. thanks. quality job.:cool: