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Cars Vintage NASCAR mod (1966-1967) WiP

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by smallblockhero, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Ive been working on a NASCAR mod for the 1966-67 cars. The models are commercial.. not Forza . Converted and remapped. Skins are all historical at this point. The physics and AI are still being updated right now. Gear boxes , engine files and tyre files should be close to period correct. Templates will supplied for all cars when finished. Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-16-14-9.jpg Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-16-12-22.jpg Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-16-11-32.jpg Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-16-11-12.jpg Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-16-10-54.jpg Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-16-9-30.jpg Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-16-5-54.jpg Screenshot_vgn_plymouth_dustbite_speedway_17-6-116-14-17-19.jpg
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  2. Screenshot_ford_fairlane66_riverside_3-6-116-16-20-53.jpg Screenshot_ford_fairlane66_riverside_3-6-116-16-20-29.jpg Screenshot_ford_fairlane66_riverside_3-6-116-16-19-26.jpg Screenshot_ford_fairlane66_riverside_27-5-116-2-8-27.jpg Gurney and Parnelli jones on Riverside track..
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  3. Nice, lookin' really good so far! love those skins. What's the polycount / LODS status on those?
  4. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium Member

    Great choice of eras... nice looking shots, too.
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  5. Desperately needed in AC with the great tracks from LilSki. Quick question, will suspension, gear sets and camber/toe be fully adjustable?
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  6. appr... 100k-200k haven't made LODs at all..better have an i5 or better and a good card.

    yes..already are.. to a point..not like an F1 car but some things are.
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  7. Cool. Where did you get the models? I've heard about getting commercial models but never found out where one can get them.
  8. these are available from turbo squid and the likes.. not sure of original authors due to them being widely available.
  9. Screenshot_dodgecharger_66_daytona_26-5-116-12-23-58.jpg Screenshot_dodgecharger_66_dustbite_speedway_25-5-116-13-22-44.jpg Screenshot_dodgecharger_66_daytonaoval_25-5-116-3-58-47.jpg Screenshot_dodgecharger_66_daytonaoval_25-5-116-3-57-24.jpg Made LODS for all cars... working on the Charger and Impala as well.
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  10. Showroom_abarth_1000tc_30-5-2016-16-54-3.jpg Showroom_abarth_1000tc_30-5-2016-16-55-59.jpg Showroom_abarth_1000tc_30-5-2016-16-54-32.jpg Showroom_abarth_1000tc_30-5-2016-16-54-14.jpg
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  11. wonderful!!!

    I hope also for Mercury and Pontiac!!
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
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  12. The Impala in action

    Screenshot_vgn_chevy_dustbite_speedway_1-7-116-13-5-9.jpg Screenshot_vgn_chevy_dustbite_speedway_1-7-116-13-4-8.jpg Screenshot_vgn_chevy_dustbite_speedway_1-7-116-13-2-42.jpg Screenshot_vgn_chevy_dustbite_speedway_1-7-116-13-2-9.jpg
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  13. Looks great, looking forward to it!
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  15. Hi,

    do you have any news?

    I can't wait to race with these cars for a championship!

    please let me know!
  16. Hi,

    do you have any news?

    I can't wait to race with these cars for a championship!
    many thanks for kind replay.