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Viewport issue

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by sevware, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hey Mianiak,

    I was updating today, and downloaded a product 'integration' called "mental mill" from max's update page (under 2010). Seems to be rather free.

    From what it indicates in this blog, we might have an answer to the lack of texture representation in the max viewport:

    Problem is.... now that you guys helped me get this track from BTB into max there is still a bunch I want to learn how to do... (again).... so stopping to learn this shader package might not happen just yet.

    Maybe when the newness of all this track stuff you can do max wears off, the viewport will start irritating me more (again)..

    It looks like this 'mental mill' might be an answer to the viewport issues though.
  2. Interesting, but I'm afraid it is beyond my understanding. Although I am curious weather or not it works with the gmotor materials.
  3. I'm curious about that too.... The blog indicated it worked on dx stuff, and I seem to be required to re-do a bunch of dx texture stages on this btb import to max.

    Obviously, max -- with the stock viewport shaders -- already seems to be able to display these dx based gMats (albeit only a single, opaque stage.... with some black blotches where you have applied alpha). From the brief reading I've done on mental mill, I got the impression that you can modify the existing max shaders.. giving them increased functionality.

    It's beyond my understanding at the moment too... but so was working on my track using max 2 weeks ago. From what it says, I wouldn't even have to tire my code muscles... as this thing is more of a drag, drop, and adjust tool.

    Certainly would still need to study shaders for a spell, but at first glance, mental mill looks like it provides standardized blocks.... graphically, and the user "wires them up" (schematically) to create the desired functionality.

    we'll see.... (I've almost got myself talked into it.)