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Viewing and converting Race07 replay files?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Lee Downham, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hey all
    Did a quick search here and in google but didn't get too far (maybe I am just tired :wink:) ...
    Anyhow, curious as to how you can open or convert and edit the replay files from Race ...
    Help links codecs requried etc much appreciated :thumb:
  2. ? what you mean Lee? For Movies? Usually peeps use Fraps to capture the footage as i know.
  3. yea lee, i had a quick mooch for the same thing the other week... but i'd be pretty sure the vcr files that run the replays are full of data to get the game engine to re-run what happened - and not some kind of movie format...

    fraps'll do the job but you'd better have some disk space handy :D
  4. Yeah that's bang on what I am after ... or if it were possible just to encode and view the vcr files outside of the game without first having to use something like fraps to do it.

    Will give Fraps a go though ... seems a bit of a long winded way of going about it, but guess as Andrew says, the vcr files probably just contain raw data, so imagine its not otherwise possible ...

    Thanks chaps ... and if anyone who actually does this on a regular basis could get back to me with what they do ... be much appreciated :thumb:
  5. As i know there is no other way to capture the ingame footage.

    Most peeps use first Fraps and then after some video editing program to create their movie wonders as far as i am aware of.
  6. Easiest way is to just use fraps and then record the bits of the replay you want. Make sure you have quite a bit of hard drive space free as these videos are big as they are completely uncompressed. Then just throw it in Sony Vegas or whatever you use to edit the video and then once its edited, save it and upload it for us all to see :)
  7. ... Adobe Premier Pro is my weapon of choice :thumb:
    ... guess that fraps creates raw avi files eh ... same size as captured footage from a digital video camera, if so, I know all about filling very large hard disks very quickly :shocked:
  8. and that is why i have 2 x 320 GB :)
  9. One thing that will help is if you set the folder for fraps to save the videos in to another hard drive to where it is installed. Sometimes if it saves the videos on the same HDD as fraps is installed on you will get laggy videos :)
  10. I am a bit of a data whore ... have a couple of external 500GB drives, a couple of external 80GB 2.5" SATA (laptop) hdd's, plus 2 x 160GB 16MB and one 500GB 32MB 7200RPM SATA II internal drives in my machine ... then there is my old machine sat the corner waiting to be rebuilt into a media server with a couple of 200GB drives in it ...
    Hopefully I can find a tiny bit of space on one of them away from the OS and program files to avoid the lag :wink:

    James - the lag you talk about is probably also 'cos you are writing to the same drive as you are reading from your Race application and Race replay files, plus your OS and page file will probably be on that drive too ...
    Never used Fraps before, but if it also creates temporary files prior to writing the final avi's, that will kill performance too ... will take a look and see later.

    Anyhow ... cheers for all the info chaps - most helpful
  11. Yeh Lee, that's the exact problem with it. Happens more on Vista from my experience, but its pretty easy to avoid :)