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view problem

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by upsetkiller, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. hello guys , just found about this amazing simulator racer (simulator )

    now the problem is , iv searched every possible setting ingame , and a few things in the faq n stuff but cant seem to fix this dual screen problem ,


    also the i cant seem to get the car chase cam , its either eagle view , or other views , but no car chase cam
  2. The latest RC is set up for an oculus rift (3d goggles), you could try downloading RC5 if you don't want to mess around with settings.

    Cameras are set up with 2 groups.
    C cycles through the 'modes': car view, helicopter view, track cams, and the exciting spinning camera.
    When you're in the car view, the number keys select which view - a lot of cars have 2 or 3 set up to be a chase cam, but that's down to the individual author's choice.
  3. aww crap no way to fix this other than downgrading ?
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    sure, change the oculus rift at the racer.ini (in your main racer folder) from 1 to 0...

    like this (this is only a cut off!):

    ...then only choose your screen resolution in racer graphiks menue....

  5. Isn't that version RC7 though?

    Ruud hasn't officially released it here so I wonder if it's actually any different to the RC6 one?

    I wonder why it's nearly twice as big to download vs RC6 though?!


  6. Roggel seems to be included with the build :)
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  7. Damn you William!
    - Beat me to it.

    Extracted Roggel is about 210 mb, so makes sense.
  8. Is it the Roggel with batch optimised trees I wonder?

    Would be good if they made it in because they boosted FPS about 15-20% for me here.

    Now all we need is all those houses into a few shader/atlas and we can probably get another 20% or so FPS, maybe more :)

    It's a good track to release with Racer these days as it shows Racer off really nicely... but those FPS were pretty low which was the only thing.

  9. Track has got an extra trees.dof and the separate trees commented out. So I suppose it's the optimized one?

    Not a lot of extra FPS when using the trees.dof though (for me anyway).
  10. Yeah I think it all depends on the speed you had before.

    Here I got about 35-40fps in 1920x1080 (GTX275 and 2500k processor)

    With the batched trees I got about 45-50fps... so in absolute terms not much but in percentage terms it was worthwhile for an hours worth of work I think :D

    I think if you are on higher end kit, or have more overhead from having live envmap turned off or something then the difference might not be so big?

    I think I'm CPU bound here because if I up my CPU speed I get roughly the same extra FPS, so CPU batch prep is what is costing me I think... the GPU has more to come.

    But a 2500k processor is usually well regarded.

    In Racer I get CPU core 1 sitting near 100% and the other 3 pretty much idling so clearly Racer could have a load more FPS to come for many users if it could somehow spread the physics, graphics, and other elements to different cores better.

    Iirc Some1, or was it Stereo, posted some different async/processor settings that gave me an instant 20% or so FPS boost but unfortunately the scripts then stopped working which was a shame as otherwise it was a really good 'free' FPS boost!

    Lets hope Ruud has some tricks for fixing that... I think it'd be nice to be able to balance different Racer processes to different cores. It already seems like we can kinda do that but it's a bit buggy as per the scripts not working thingy.

  11. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hi Dave,
    the rc7 is at the beta page at racer.nl....so yes it sounds like a release^^
    ..yes roggel comes with the download...he is ~150mb over all...
    you can fin a link at my site...
  12. Weird why Ruud didn't post it up here.

    Do you reckon it's worth starting a post here with the linky and latest changelog details, and a note about turning the Oculus off in racer.ini?

    Then we can also put up the latest bug/fixes bits and pieces as reference material?


  13. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm...maybe it's not "realy" a update? only for testing the oculus rift.....
  14. Just read the qlog.

    Ruud has added oculus rift devkit support, fixed a shadow map issue, and added an auto atlassing and splitting commands in Racer directly.

    Might be worth trying some of these features out and checking for bugs.

    The atlas feature especially is what I'm interested in :D

  15. OK it works ok.

    Quick notes.

    Set full screen shader to the commented out line in Racer.ini, though using the _blur version looks broken as everything is blurred even inside the car etc. Velocity map is turned on so maybe the depth map is broken due to changes with what looks like depth map range (to 50km) in constants.cg, or the new sort ordering etc?

    Turn off the oculus rift on/off setting in Racer.ini

    If you use the atlas tool then create a copy of the track you want to atlas, and rename the folder with _atlas at the end.

    Load the non-atlas track and run the command.

    A new annotated shader file is generated which lists what is atlased.

    It seems pretty intuitive only combining shaders that share the same definitions. I'm not sure if it see's per-shader spec/shininess settings, or just the global shader type...

    More testing needed but it works which is very positive!!!

    But it does need track authors to build with it in mind, at least looking through a shader file you have to try get many things using the same settings as much as possible so shader entries themselves are just the texture references (and shininess/gloss/diff/spec etc are all set in the nest definitions at the top of the file)...

    In theory if you work through the shader file this will be very nice indeed!

    Might try it on the Schottenring track as that really hurt my fps... would be interesting to see if we can get that up to 50fps vs the 25fps my PC ran it at :D

    Some sort ordering is still broken, trees a few hundred meteres away being rendered over the car for example.
    And things with transparency (decals on cars) flickering under the surface they are over (Lambo Gallardo interior mirror and wing mirrors from interior view)

    Car shadows are also doing the flickering thing, after maybe 50m away the car shadow is flickering under the floor.

    The shadow map interval update skipping is implemented again (in shadowmapping section of racer.ini), but it's really very noticeable. A car driving along just 50m away (replay) has a shadow that jumps forwards every few frames after lagging behind several metres.
    Ideally these values need tuning. I'm sure they are beneficial to use but they are too aggressive and very noticeable.

    Everything feels like it's blurred a bit, like I'm running lower sampling amount (but I'm not), or lower resolution... got a feeling it's an oculus rift setting hiding somewhere hehe :D

    Reversing seems to work.

    Definitely not worth grabbing unless you have an Oculus Rift or want to try out the splitter/atlas features which is well worth it if you want to optimise some tracks!

    Fingers crossed this whole depth mapping stuff is fixed... as noted it seems Ruud is playing with some code in constants.cg to alleviate z depth fighting even out to 50km!!! But it's fighting on mine at about 5cm hehe :D

  16. I agree. If the older version you are using works for you; stick with it. Things like atlassing and the z-fighting fix are under progress in the OR version (I assume), so it's probably better to wait for a version in which these things are fully functional/implemented.
  17. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm...Dave i ask you for deteils when i'm back at home...for the mom i'm gettimg a showe and then barbecue^^
  18. JapsR, the atlas thing seems to work ok here.

    I'm tempted to just rebuild the shader for the Schottenring in trackEd as all generic shaders (just for the test), check FPS/batch count, then atlas it and see how much more FPS and less batches I get.

    Then run splitter on top :)

    Part of me still likes the idea of doing splitter work manually based on what you can see when you drive around etc. Sometimes more splits might be good, other times less, and other items you might be able to put an LOD 200m on them or hide them sooner than the draw distance etc :D

    That is where the atlas thing might hurt you because if it combines too much then you might not be able to split out tiny details that you could turn off from the big details you want to leave on.
    I'm not sure without testing how the system works but maybe as the thing matures Ruud might add an ID in geometry.ini to make sure when an ID is present only alike ID's can be combined or something?!
    That way we can keep micro details with LOD values under 200m, but have macro details with a shader that could have been atlased into one DOF separate :D

    All comes down to management of the track still but for now I'm very excited that at least most authors can play with splitting values and atlas values and hopefully get some good FPS gains simply for free :D

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