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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Rubinhofan, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. How can I create a working videowall with a .bik-File ? I think btb won´t support that. 3D Simed maybe ?
  2. Yup, 3d Simed it will have to be. Just go in and change the material on the wall to your bik file. I have a yellow material I use in BTB to place on what ever I want to be a bik movie in the game. This way I can see the movie wall in BTB and find it easier in 3d simed.
  3. 3DSimed sometimes needs a little coaching to find .bik files. You sometimes need to type .bik in the file name drop down list to get it to find them in your folder. The .bik file follows the same size rule you use for DDS, ie. 64x64 128x64 and so on.
  4. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    If the texture in BTB is 12345.dds, couldn't we just replace that with 12345.bik? As I know rFactor loads jpgs before pngs with the same name (wrong textures on buildings) and j comes before p in the alphabet, so in theory this should work?
    And I don't mean replacing this in BTB, I mean manually replacing the file after export.
    rFactor will look for something called 12345.xxx, and it will find the bik first as b is before d in the alphabet.
  5. I don't know exactly how the movie thing works (yet), but I do know that in simed you have to select movie as the type of animation and in max you have to select animation file as the type of animation, so my calculated guess is no, that won't work.
  6. I´ve created a plane with a yellow texture. I exported the track and load the gmt-file with 3Dsimed. Instead of the yellow texture I assigned the bik-file to it, but I only see a pink-coulored plane. I didn´t use transparency. In rfacor I can´t see the plane. Whats wrong there ?
  7. ok, got it to work. I had to activate the animation checkbox and choose "movie".
  8. If you load a track like Lienz GP, which has working video screens, you'll see that those are also pink. If you cannot see the plane in rFactor, the face might be the wrong way round.

    edit: I don't know what happened but only now can I see your recent post. In other words, never mind.
  9. I have been messing around with this, I got it all to work but I'm stuck with the fact that the video I'm using is wide-screen, it plays the first loop square (squashed in on the sides) then once it hits the second loop it widens out to its proper width.

    Any suggestions?

    Also it would be great to have some advice in video format preparation before binking it and then some advice on what settings to use in bink.
  10. I´ve used a dds-texture 256*256 for the plane used as a videowall. Then I transformed an avi-file with radtools to a bik-file, but I had to adjust the width and height to 256. I´m happy with the result, works fine.