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Video Compression programs?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kyle Evers, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Anyone know of some good programs where I can compress a video file size from 1.22GB to about 950MB so I can upload it onto YouTube? I want to keep the same framerate and quality, just a little smaller file size.
  2. 'Any Video Convertor

    They have a free version - go for that. It;s kinda hidden away....

    And 950MB? That will take a year. That's the size of a two hour long video.....
  3. Virtualdub
    and heres a guide to convert to 1280x720 HD for youtube.
    Guide also contains links to the needed codecs.

    Theres also a bunch of vids there so you can check out the results
  4. O.o The video is like 2m30s...

    I made a video not too long ago and it was like 3m30s and the file size was about 2.02GB.

    Yeah, I have Virtual Dub. I watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to compress the size. I got it to 191MB but a little quality was lost, not much however. I'm uploading the video now, I'll post it when it's finished :D
  5. Of course now YouTube is being annoying and it won't upload :(
  6. maybe it good to pay attention to what kind of resolution you want to upload to youtube....maybe they have a limit
  7. Well no it gets about half way or so then it gets an error. If the resolution was too large it would be brought down to scale automatically anyway.
  8. Nah, YouTube servers are gay Kyle, also depends on your own connection being stable.
  9. Hm.
    I always upload 1280*720 to youtube. A movie of 1 minute is about 30MB when converted well.

    Oh and I can upload to Youtube on 105KB/s which is my maximum upload (1mbit)
  10. That'd be a pretty low quality video. I have an 39MB version of the video I made but the quality is meh. It looks good to me at 191MB. But of course the original 1.22GB version was best.

    Edit: YouTube is so stupid. I cannot upload anything. I tried multiple times and it isn't working. Guess I'll have to put the low quality version on Metacafe or something.
  11. You are not using the right codecs. A full 1080p 2hours movie is about 6gb when encoded in x264.
  12. The video is in .avi. I converted it to .mpeg4 but the quality just completely got lost. Can anyone recommend a good program for conversion? I think converting it might make it work when uploading it, as .mpeg4 is a suggested codec by YouTube.
  13. Virtualdub works fine for conversion. Make sure you have the xvid mpeg4 codec and the lame mp3 audio encoder installed.
    Ive attached the settings I use for encoding from 1920x1200 fraps captured video to 1280x720. Just remove the .txt extension and load the processing setting from the file menu in vdub.

    The original video is about 7.29GB compressed down to around 160MB.

    When uploaded to youtube and processed you get the watch in HD option. Personally I think the quality is good. You have to expect some loss if compressing video.


    There 3 vids there that will let you see the results


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  14. I think YouTube's limits are 10 minutes or 100Mb. Bram put me on to Blip.TV and there doesn't seem to be a limit there so I suggest trying that.

    I must admit though that it does seem very large for a 3 minute video.
  15. AVI is are lossless compression = HUGE file size and very "lossy" quality...I wish that there was a way to get FRAPS to out put to Mpeg 2 just so it would be easier to convert fromt there. Also, Sorenson Squeeze, is a good encoding/transcoding program for this type of this...I don't know the cost, but it works well in the workplace!
  16. When I upload to YouTube I convert to an AVI container with a mpeg4 codec with mp3 audio using 'Any Video Convertor'.

    Works out fine.
  17. You can have up to 1GB now, to allow for HD I suppose. But it's still a 10 minute limit.
  18. Okay, I'll try it out. I think I've used AVC before, not sure.
  19. I converted it to MPEG-2 and uploaded and check out the terrible quality it is now.


    YouTube gets the middle finger :D
  20. YouTube do say to upload in a mpeg4 format.

    And then of course wait until the back-end procerssing is finished.

    Blip is much better. You can upload as an FLV, not lose too much quality and it's ready to watch straight away.