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Video Cards

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Larry Stovall, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Am preparing to purchase a new video card for my computer and am eying multiple cards in the approximately $200 price range.

    I know almost nothing about video cards, though, and the last time the computer guy in town recommended one, it turned out to be worse, in some ways, than the one I had.

    So if anyone here could tell me what they think of the ones I'm looking at, I'd deeply appreciate it.

    Choices so far:

    Choice #1

    Choice #2

    Stats wise, either would be an significant improvement over the 8400 GS I have now, I think. But I don't wanna spend $200 bucks and then wind up wishing I'd got a better card for the same amount of money.;)
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    When in doubt I always look to toms hardware to see what is what on graphics cards. That being said, have a look here.
    You will notice that it is broken down to different price ranges and at the back you will see a graphics card hierarchy chart to show you top down best to worst with nVidia on the left and ATI on the right.
  3. We were saying it last year but I think it is truer now: Graphics cards are due for a price drop.

    As much as it hurts I would wait.
  4. I have the saphire 6850......

    It's cool, quiet and only requires one 6 pin plug.
    I bought it to replace a slightly faulty 4850 and it absolutely slays it....I think it's somewhere between 80-90% faster.

    pcars looks awesome on it, as do F1 2011/Dirt2/3 etc.

    I use it to power my 26in 1080p PC LCD and my 37in HDTV.....

    What CPU/ram/OS do you have?
  5. If a 7950 can drop to 6970 prices by yrs end, that will be my next GPU....