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Victory: Age of Racing

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Péter Bártfai, May 26, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hmm very interesting since the NKP physics are top notch still. But they say it a 60s cars game. How come i can only see futuristic cars in those images ?

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  2. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    you sure it aint the 2060's Bram? :D
  3. Yep, on the hungarian site they said it'll contain cars similar to the F1 cars of '60s, but they'll be modern race cars.
  4. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    NKP physics engine, Interesting.
  5. Victory: The Age of Racing

    Has been in development seemingly forever; I think I signed up for the newsletter years ago! An MMO, and probably not a sim, but doesn't it look good?


    The handling looks a lot better than a lot of other "arcade" games, and supposedly levels above the "Rookie" level have more realistic handling. Either way, I think it'd be nice to have an at least semi-realistic racing MMO back, after Project Torque has gone away...

  6. Yes I remember this! I also remember it was said that it'll use the netKar Pro engine!

    Edit: my memory seems to be good this time:)
    Quote from the site:
  7. Yup, they say they're using the nKP physics engine, and that Pro mode will be quite realistic. Of course, they also say they will be sticking with short races, no damage, etc., so it is unlikely that this will turn out to be much of a "sim". Hopefully it will eventually develop into a fun way to drive sort of realistic cars in a MMO setting...
  8. It would be hard to do a sim with cars from 2062:D Anyways if it'll feel good to drive them, it'll be a very good game! Imo it looks great, but in a way we won't need a nuclear powerplant to run it!:)
  9. Looks like some mod found an old topic... you can see how long they've been working on this game!
  10. the developer is the ITALIAN VAE VICTIS software.
    PETER where did you read that it uses the KUNOS engine ??
  11. Looks like an interesting blend of retro and Dieselpunk style... I really like the look of it.
  12. This is a video of a "Semi-Pro" (medium difficulty) race, the closest they've shown so far to a "real" race:

    I, personally, think this could have the potential to be very fun.
  13. The beta is out! :woot:I got 3 beta keys, one other went to a friend of mine and another to someone from RD... looks interesting so far, still sort of buggy... but it's the first day after all! >_>
  14. RaceDepartment

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  15. Just a notion.. On the video the hands are not in correct position.. You should have a straight wrist, not trying to grab the wheel from behind.. Looks odd. I know that animating that particular motion is not easy but that looks like the driver would have permanent wrist injuries in few laps.

    otherwise looks good, arcade sim, i think i'll try this one.
  16. Just tried to put my hands on the same position.. Can't even do it and turning the wheel is really painful and can't do more than quarter turn.. I know it's a small detail but annoys me..