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Cars VFR F1 2014 (Formula 1 2014) 2.0

Formula 1 2014 cars, drivers and new rules! FOR Game Stock Car

  1. Skarr submitted a new resource:

    VFR F1 2014 (Formula 1 2014)- Conversion for GSCE - Formula 1 2014 cars, drivers and new rules! FOR Game Stock Car

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  2. Melv

    Premium Member

    Hi Skarr, regarding the missing turbo sounds there is some issue with the conversion from rfactor to GSC for v2.0.

    What I did was converted VFR 1.0 and took the sounds folder from there and pasted over into the GSC folder and works like a charm. You will also notice the 1.0 has a different sounds folder structure to 2.0. I guess this is what causes the issues.
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  3. Thanks Melroy!
    can you send me this sounds folder? so i can make an update. Send me via private conversations
  4. Hello. Great mod! Is it possible to hide or disable the arms in cockpit view? They are covering the whole screen when cornering.
  5. sorry Frenky, but there is no way to disable the arms. but what u could is try to change your FOV so the aarms in the cornering dont cover your view.
  6. Thanks. I will give that a try.
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  7. I've lowered the FOV by 2-3 degrees in the CAM files. It is better now, thanks!
    BTW, I think, I found a bug: in the Williams team CAM file, under COCKPIT - PositionOffset, I think a comma is forgotten. After changing this line to any other team the cockpit view is alright, otherwise the cockpit view is much too low in the cockpit!
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  8. Frenky,
    I think I might be able to remove the hands with a simple edit.
    I will check and post back here later today
  9. OK,
    to remove the hands from the steering wheel:
    In the F12014 folder, open the file F12014_Upgrades.ini

    Find the section:


    and change it to:

    // UpgradeLevel="On"
    // {
    // Price=0
    // Description=""
    // GEN=<WHEEL>="WHEEL"
    // }

    Hands will now be removed from all vehicles.
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  10. Hey Skarr,
    I notice that the mirrors in the Mercedes are the wrong way round.
    What I mean is, if a car is approaching in the right mirror, it actually overtakes on the left of the car!
    All the other cars are ok.
    Any idea how to fix this? Is it hidden in the mas file somewhere?

    Thanks :)
  11. Yeah Keith i have noticed that too and im trying to do something to change it but i still got no success, sorry mate, if i get somewhere ill post it here.
    And also thanks for the solution to disable the arms on the cockpit!
  12. Works very well!! Thank You very much!

  13. this is nice... sounds very good too.
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  14. After the convertion, i copied the folder "gamedata" in the game's folder, but i don't find the cars in the game. Where are?
  15. It should be on the ALL CARS tab.
  16. Thank you :)
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  17. Before I download, I am just wondering if you have now incorporated this updated sound into the mod?
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  18. Not yet, but if u want i can send the sound to you.
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  19. Me too please
  20. what is lacking to you incorporate the sound? will you improve the physics too? The new sound is amazing! nice job!