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Helmets Vettels IV Champion Helmet HD & DHD. 1.0

Vettel gets the RD treatment.

  1. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    ML2166 submitted a new resource:

    Vettels IV champion helmet getting RD'd HD & DHD. - Vettel gets the RD treatment.

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  2. Looks really good, thanks ;)
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  3. Perfect job!
    Brilliant helmet!
    Thank you very much!
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  4. Deri me ilegalno
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  6. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Loving the detail!! Great work:thumbsup:
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  8. Looks great, I really wonder where you came from. Thanks!
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  9. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Planet Melnflebber

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  10. Outstanding work!!! You are a credit to the F1 fan-based community. Simply brilliant!
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  11. i like your choice of colors for this helmet!
  12. Oh yes!!! THANK YOU MASTER!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:;)
  13. Send me plz DDS of this greate helmet but without IV on top. (4096x4096). I ll use it for my career.
    ... OK I already made this myself.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
  14. Damn, I couldn't find any bugs yet :roflmao:
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  15. Really nice. Thank you
  16. Superb , many thanks.
  17. I keep getting an error when I try to un-rar this. it says that one of the files is corrupt, and then i get an 'unexpected end of archive' message. tried downloading it 3 times, every time the same errors.

    EDIT: problem seems to be with the RaceDepartment 'Download' button, because only around 13mb of the file keeps downloading, which is giving me the above errors. Downloads I've made from a bunch of other sites today are working fine so I know it's not my internet connection.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
  18. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    I just this second downloaded it myself and it un-rar'ed fine, no problems.

    Can't think of what might be the problem with your download attempts.
  19. @ML2166, was busy editing my post above as you were typing your reply :laugh: probably a small problem with the RD server or something, just gonna wait a bit and try again later.

    Really awesome helmet mate! :thumbsup:

    EDIT: just DL'd now, extracted and installed no problem :) :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2013
  20. Thank you it's not enough, man! Awesome work!