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Vettel's finger

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by lewis_hammy, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. just watch codemasters video clip, guess what we have vettel's number 1 finger in this game lol,
    wont be long before i jump into my t.v and snap his finger into too :mad:,
    cant believe they put it in the game, :mad:

  2. Noooooo. Someone please mod this out of the game now!
  3. Why do people find it so annoying? It's like Hamilton and his smile, Webber jumping up and down, etc. Each driver has their own unique way of celebrating (in real life)......just happens it's Vettel and his finger
  4. I want to take his finger & ram it so far up his nose that it goes into his brain causing permanent brain damage thereby forcing Red Bull to let their no.2 driver win a race...

    actually I couldnt care less, but I can see a repeated animation getting annoying & seeing as I have a hangover I felt like being negative, so better to be negative about something that doesnt matter when I'm in no fit state to put forward a coherent argument.

    wow did I really write that in this state! I'm impressed. no one else will be!!!
  5. why would ya want too put vettel's finger in it, ok so when we buy the game all we are going to see is his finger after every race cos he will win all of them, unless we win so we dont have too see it:mad: cos if we dont win race's all we are going too see is his number 1 finger,
    need a patch already this is not acceptable !!!
  6. Wow, some people have issues.
  7. +1.

    Hopefully Hamilton won't say that every win is his greatest! :rolleyes:

    (not trying to start anything here with the sentence above, just kidding)