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Vet feeling like a rookie

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by ENDR, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Sooo... This is frustrating...
    HOW THE HELL do you people do those laptimes in Melbourne? I've tried a bunch of setups for my Williams (found here or on other sites) and only once in a blue moon I can get below 1:28, which is kind of sucky and makes me end my qualifying far in the back in Q2... On Professional difficulty...
    Back in F1 2011 doing 1:26 or lower was a piece of cake and I used to consistently win races on Legend in a Sauber. I know that game had a pretty different driving model, but still - I'm no rookie and I know my way around Albert Park. Yet, now I feel like I'm slower than the AI in every friggin' corner...
    It's not as bad on other tracks. I don't feel so slow at e.g. Silverstone or Malaysia. Getting gold in those champions' challenges is pretty fun and easy as well (after a few laps of warming up). It's just Australia (one of my favorite tracks in F1 2011) that makes me crawl into a corner and cry in shame... :sick:
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  2. The AI this year is stronger. Simple as that. They're still way too slow, but they're a lot faster compared to last year's. If you were doing 1.26 last year, 1.28 this year is a lot better. Last year, I was doing 19's in Q, this year best I've done is 1.23.6, but barely doing 1.24.5 with a race setup (parc ferme rules). So only 2 seconds difference is really good.
  3. This years game you can't drive like a madman. You need can't brake too late or you will end up out of the track.
  4. You must been playing the game on Legend, the AI does 1:27 max, that sounds quite right. Remember you're playing the first race of the season with Williams, don't expect to be world champion by now ;)
  5. On the race? Because for qualy they do 1.25.xxx. Sometimes just 1.26 low, but at least it was the times i was experiencing.
  6. Well thats is very easy to beat with a McLaren, but if he is on Williams than is another story
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  7. This year it was Quite Different to last year where we used to Win in Williams, Sauber, Toro Rosso in 2011 but now we can't do that I believe that was due to difference in Car Performance
    If you are in a STR then you can't get into Q3 for Most of time(Of course The Best Drivers of RD can do that :)) if you are a Normal Player
    But In my point of view in Australia the High Speed Chicane will be Taken Very quickly by AI but i guess lot of players can't do that quite Easily in Legend.
  8. I'm not expecting to win right off the bat, but being a second slower than the 10th time in Q2 and consequently not meeting the team's expectations isn't fun. Maldonado somehow gets into Q3, so being outqualified so heavily isn't fun either...
  9. When you get outqualified by Maldonado, you know your lacking pace
  10. Why thanks! Now I know for sure I'm lacking! :mad:;)
  11. So you're saying, that AI's biggest Achilles' heel on this track in F1 2010 this time is its biggest strenght? :D

    Yeah, that made me all warm and fuzzy inside :cry:
    Maybe I should do a hotlap video, so you smartasses can point out what I'm doing wrong :p
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  12. Of course
  13. @ENDR

    Have you made any progress on this?. Would be interested to know if you've gotten any better and how achieved.

  14. Progress in what, Melbourne laptimes?
    Lately, between work and REAL driving to places, I don't have as much time as I'd like, so I do most of my gaming in the weekends.
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  15. Yeah, Melbourne lap times.

    (Yeah work is the kicker).
  16. Vet in the rain if making me feel terrible. I can't compete at all with their times. Are they just fast in the rain or something?
  17. I was thinkng the same Joe..
  18. One interesting thing I've found is that I can consistently do 2secs a lap faster in TT mode than a (quick) race weekend (Quali) or career mode (Melbourne). This is with the same car setup, tyres etc, and feels like I get a lot less understeer and better under braking. Wondering if the TT car has minimum fuel to make the difference or something like that?
  19. You guessed it right. In the previous two games the cars in TT ran with both fuel consumption and tyre wear off. Also, the tracks had the maximum level of grip on the whole width of the tarmac, so you could get away with extremely unorthodox racing lines. Basically, this mode used to be a "testring ground" with almost laboratory conditions, just for getting the fastest laptimes possible (even though they weren't POSSIBLE).
    Not sure if it's so extreme this year, but this mode definitely still uses conditions way better than you get in a normal GP weekend.
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  20. Damn (in a way). I use the same racing line (tested with corner line guide switched on), so I guess its down to the other factor(s).