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Very Important Issue !!!

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Eliezer Bartik, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Grip is changing when we vote next event at suzuka
    2 sec gap !!
    could be same at Singapore
    Admins please check
  2. Bugger :(
    Suzuka is a wonderful race track to drive.... Daniel, bring on the rain that'll send the times in the other direction. J :)
  3. I do not understand totally... does the grip increase when you vote next event at any of the servers? With 2 seconds? We need as much info as we can get on this topic.
  4. We where 4 on server, Me mcCradic Mark and Zizzo, Only Mark could get to 25
    We vote next event through 5 or 6 league tracks, but only Mark and Zizzo stay on server
    After Suzuka loaded they made into the 24
    I join but still cant get the time, so I asked them to vote next event again for checking this
    After thet votes trip again, grip changed and I was 2 sec faster and get into 24
    There Mark made his 23 pb after 2 next event votes :)))
    Looks like another vote and he in the 22 loll
    BTW all of us agry that somthing wrong :)
  5. So it seems you have to be on the server when it changes tracks in order to get the extra grip?
  6. yes exactly
  7. Hehe. I think I can order rain in Japan. Anything is possible there. Their technology is way ahead of ours. :wink:
  8. lol :)