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Very frustrating racing, is should be fix

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Grzesiek Zabielski, May 23, 2011.

  1. Hello drivers!

    I'm not new in NKP, but today i decided to write, what just makes me very pissed off. I think that everyone likes to race, but here, in NKP if you're not driving in the league, you have little chance for a good race. I can understand it, not everyone is able to control the car, so it makes no sense to imagine a race over a distance of 5 laps with those kind of guys. After a spin, that weekend driver just leave a server, ok, he's tired and dont want to drive no longer. But race are brutally stopped, i can't finish race but can start a qual :mad: As if this not enough, in my stats I see that race does not even finished. Maybe its nothing, but would be better if the race will save the statistics only when I cross the finish line?

    Cheers and excuse my english
  2. I've had plenty of good races, and almost all of them were just regular club races here. People you drive with are more important I think, find a regular crowd of drivers, and should be okay.
    Try joining us here sometime. Fun should be first, there are no rank points or trophies to be won :)

    Not sure if those stats work really, I have 0% DNF :D. Never really paid much attention to that.
  3. I don't think that it's the racers fault most of the time, the netcode is horrible.

    I had plenty of crashes where both me and the other guy where miles apart, that is with a good ping (20-40ms) and at least 100fps on each side. If the ping is higher the collisions get even worse. On the other hand I also had some great close racing already but it's just one big lottery every time, so what I tend to do is not race online but nurse the car home trying to not get to close to other people while everybody around me is crashing. Which is a shame really, what I love in LFS and iRacing for example is that you can actually race very close and also get away with a slight touch every now and then even if the guy next to you is from the other side of the earth.

    I know Kunos tried to fix it numerous times already but if you compare it to other sims on the market it still is clearly sub par.
  4. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Premium Member

    There are fixes for the net and collision code coming in the not to distant future.
    Check out this video http://www.racedepartment.com/netkar-pro/52276-new-collision-model-several-updates-coming.html

    nKP is the most realistic feeling Sim on the market, the quality of the FFB is unmatched in my opinion, add the fixes Kunos is working on currently and I think you will agree that this will propel netKar Pro to the for-front of the racesim genre, which will bring a tidal wave of drivers to the seats of netKar, RD will have to look at hosting more races to keep up with demand I feel.

    To finally have the ability to race wheel to wheel and not have netcode issues will be AWESOME, personally I cant wait :)

  5. Well, as mentioned he tried to fix the netcode numerous times already. It's always hard to see if something works just from a video, especially if it's as tough to get right as the netcode. I would love to be able to go wheel to wheel but I very much doubt the patch will be the holy grail for us online racers.

    I wouldn't mind being proven wrong on this of course, but I always thought the cars got a strange feeling when you collide with something on the track so I doubt you can fix it without a complete rewrite of the damage model.
  6. Well for me personally as i said many many times before it's not just the netcode.Even if the netcode was perfect I am not that into open wheelers as a lot of other people.A dozen normal everyday cars would bring a hell of a lot people to netkar.And an update to the graphics is needed as netkar starts to show its age.Some neat hdr/bloom effects,swaying grass all over the tracks,better driver/hands animations and maybe even 3d trees and spectators/crews would bring the game to the level many of the competitors are.And about the netcode i don't expect lfs 32 car grid with smooth as silk racing but...with a grid of just 8 cars i expect silky smooth racing at all conditions.
    I know Kunos tries hard to improve netkar and at the same time work on a new engine and various other projects,but i sincerely hope he takes his time(and maybe hire a modeler or two for a while) to make the above improvements on the existing netkar engine ,giving a breath of new life to the sim and bringing hundreds if not thousands of new players.
  7. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Premium Member

    Eye candy is fine if your a spectator, but I dont have time to look at Swaying trees or grass or even 3D crowds when I'm immersed in a race or hot lapping, and that goes for any race sim/game.
    Dont take me the wrong way, eye candy and blow you away graphics are fine, but its realism in the cars handling that I want most and nKpro gives that, so it isnt DX11 and not in the same league graphically as Dirt2 or 3 or Shift but none of them are in the same league as netKar for physics and FFB, which for me is were its at in SIM racing.

    This is just my preference, each to there own eh!
  8. Fully agree, for now I think we only need a better netcode/collision model!
  9. Sorry guys, its not a thread about hdr or bloom effects. And you have got all rights, NKP needs BIG changes - but not in graphic, it need a change in the game code
  10. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Premium Member

    Yes, I couldn't agree more mate. Lets hope the patch that is due soon will correct the code issues.