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Very Dissapointed in Simxperience Accuforce customer service

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by lrdraca90, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. I ordered my accuforce on December.21 with their quick release. Shipping was fast and easy. I am aslo located in Ohio.

    This product was recommended to me by a few friends who use it only with iracing. My main goal as well was to use ur with iracing.

    Once I received the product I had a few minor technical and user issues. My big issue know is sim commander is not working properly with my accuforce. An employee at simxperience emailed me a couple times and asked for videos of the problem because they have never seem this issue before. I sent the videos before January 30th and have yet to hear anything back. I understand with the holidays they must be busy, but another issue is that a friend of mine who recommended the accuforce to me sent an email himself and received a response the same day.

    I feel that i received a bad product or a lemon that they are not willing to help me fix.

    Since December 21 my $1500 investment has went without any use.

    I hope to get a response and a fix so I can move on.

  2. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Did windows find and install the accuforce drivers when you first turned on the unit?
  3. How can I find the accuforce drivers?
  4. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Windows should find them automatically when you plug it in (both USB cables) and power it up.

    It comes up with a dialogue saying installing device then says installing accuforce, I was just curious if it was a windows problem of it not seeing and installing the wheel or a sim commander problem
  5. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    +1 to orginal OP! that's why I did not purchase a AF wheel setup from simxperience! their pre-sale and QA was so horrible, arrogant and ignorant that clearly showed to me that they are full of themselves and think they have the holy grail of sim wheels in the market, after several emails, technical questions and questions based on one side of my family members having an AF, they stopped responding and I was happy not to have given my $1500-2000 to a company who does not deserve it and doesn't understand customer service!
    PS: very sorry to hear you are having trouble and hope you get it resolved! you should post your issues on iracing forum "hardware" too, since simxperience employees and I think owner are on there!

    - also, the AF wheel IMO or rim is the worst i have seen! flimsy cheap and thin, moves like crazy on the wheel base...for that amount i would have expected a nice rim! the G29 and T300 stock rims are better than the AF factory rim! and AF rim is waaaat behind the Fanatec rims!!! which just shows again AF cutting corners and givig their customers a crappy rim to save $$$ here and their, which equals to higher profit margin for simxperience! so to summarize IMO direct drive wheel, only OSW or LeoBodnar SS2, and hopefully soon Fanatec DD!
  6. sorry to hear bout all these troubles
    luckily for me it's a whole different story

    sidenote: i absolutely love the rim
    both look and feel
  7. yup their service is not up to standard. Some of the parts like the connectors, slip ring are cheaply made. The forum is fully lock down and only accessible to people to own the wheel. There are many "insiders" in the forum so that u are not allowed to say 'bad" things about the wheel. I own the wheel and have many problems not resolved or answered, maybe considering selling it soon.
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  8. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    Look for the hardware in the device manager than manually install the driver.
  9. SimXperience is run by relative small team. They are still extremely busy trying to catch up on the demand of the AF. Their support system is indeed a hit and miss sometimes and i have detected some arrogance in the past too.

    But their hart is in the right place and they have the best intentions for their customers.

    In the past they have handled every support request i made to my satifaction.

    Last year after making inquiries about a DIY motionsystem in a VERY thight space i bought a 2150 dollar SX4000 motion kit from them. After a couple of months of use i already noticed some play on one of the acculators, probably caused by placing it a too small angle. Changing the angle was not possible due to space restrictions. After contacting support they agreed to take everyting back and gave me a full refund including the shippingcost.

    That's great customer support.:thumbsup:

    I have the leather version of the AccuForce rim and it's a good rim, but obviously i prefer my momo mod 30.
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  10. I have also experienced the poor simulation of service provided by SimXperience, they seem to answer easy questions but when you ask a question which is a bit critical, they just cut you off.
    Their website promised rapid shipment for the accuforce standard, which when I asked ment 4-5 weeks. When I asked how that could be rapid shipment, the answer was "i don't understand" and then no more response on that subject.
    So because there was no rapid shipment, i decided that i might as well change my order to the pro edition, since the price on pro edition had dropped 90$ (less than the standard plus upgrade). But SimXperience asked me to pay the difference compared to the "old" price and when i asked them why, they answered "Please check the website pricing again" and i did. So i sent screen dumps from the website and from their cart showing the "new" price and they didn't respond, twice. All they did was to change the website pricing back to the "old" price.
    That's when I figured, if this is their level of service, what will happen if there is a defect of a problem with the product? So I decided to cancel my order.
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  11. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    I've found them to be pretty quick responding to the couple of problems I had, a missing piece of the mount and incorrect invoicing on the import paperwork were both rectified promptly and without any drama.
  12. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    generally they have staff problems imho, and Bernie the owner can only so much do himself, just comes down to catching up with market demand, deliveries and then most important customer support and service which basically keeps a business alive or kills it. I think AF/ SimXperience used to be a lot more popular and had a lot more fans, people drawn to them and wanting their products, but with OSw in the market and affordable wonderful products available for $1000-$ xxxxx I think already the market is moving to OSw, i just wish there was more support for OSw also in the console market, but sadly for now only wishful thinking.
    I went through all available wheels and researched for almost a year, read and educated myself, was almost going to order the AF in the US before relocating overseas, then decided to wait after reading a lot of problems with customer service, arrogant and rude emails from them to customers. the wait took me to wanting to go almost with LeoBodnar SS2, but with that kind of price, would have caused trouble with my wife :) LOL anyways short story, decided to go with Reimer Motorsports OSw Lenze MCS12 29Nm, and put half the money into nice custom wheels.
    anyways, i think generally is hit and miss but the negative outweigh the positive on AF for me personally, and unfortunately Fanatec did not come out with a DirectDrive wheel! :(( i wish they would have, and others too, to bring down prices for all of us consumers in the normal budget range or mid range, $300/400-$600/800.

    wanted to point out that I did tell the same to Bernie from AF and he emailed me himself which was very nice and understood where his company is and their undertaking. so I do understand it, but imo customer service is your most important assett in a consumer demanding market.