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Very Concerned about FSR and RD in General

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ron Squire, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Hello i thought i start this thread because i am very concerned about the way RD and FSR is handled at this moment in time and before you read on this is not and i repeat not a rant that will get me banned before someone assumes that, that happened with me last year and i wont risk it again.

    First of all, the other day, i was offered a chance to commentate on the final race for VWSR FR3.5 and then before i read that message i was told that, the man who offered me the chance was advised by a member of staff i cant commentate for reasons i don't understand, now this infuriates me a bit when people don't tell me the real reason, because i am somewhat different, which don't get me wrong i am, but i try and contribute to both RD and FSR with good content, its just feels good, but when i get backfired from doing it, i dont feel satisfied, this needs to stop.

    Secondly, if a certain someone dislikes my posts for no reason (in a effort to troll me and get me banned) i usually report it and sometimes trolling will not be tolerated then that person will be banned for a amount of time and that's a fact, now when you give someone who is banned another chance, you can hope that he has cleaned up his act and make a fresh start once again, but posting unrelated and offensive articles and get back to disliking other's posts (to troll them again) is unacceptable and this time get away with cold murder even when we do report it, this seriously really needs to be addressed to.


    Finally, don't dislike this or ban me, just because what i said is true.

    i am very and utterly concerned about this.
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  2. Just... no.
  3. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I read your post a few times, but still don't really understand what the issue is and especially not where FSR fits in the picture.
    Also don't forget dislikes are an opinion, anyone can like or dislike a post as they please (unless there is a clear pattern that indeed points to trolling).
  4. FSR fits into the picture because i have been turned down a opportunity to commentate as well and been told i wont do it live ever, plus it also fits because like i said there is a certain someone in FSR that trolls me and gets away with cold murder, he has already been banned last year and was given another chance a few months ago and it clearly didnt work out and still posting articles when told not to
  5. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Then my advice would be to contact those people directly and solve the issues :).

    Edit: Don't forget people are not RD or FSR, they voice their own opinion and speak for themselves unless said otherwise!
  6. the person in question has the following initials, O.K.
  7. did so last year and he told me he was trolling me to get me banned by me getting angry like i did in the GPVWC
  8. Wow, you get upset over little things. :sleep:
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  9. OP : [​IMG]
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  10. cant believe it, people here actually find my pain funny, just fantastic
  11. jimortality

    Premium Member

    Why does someone want to get you banned?
  12. maybe i am different, maybe they hate me, i dont know
  13. Ron, this is getting ridiculous. Stop being childish now, you know full well that what you're doing only makes things worse. People are growing very tired, very fast of this behavior.

    People don't hate you. They may dislike what you say at times, and you do a good job facilitating that, but to say that they hate you is not right. Hate is a strong word, and should not be thrown around so lightly.

    Stop giving people a reason to dislike what you say. Try your best to apply a filter to what you're saying. Be constructive and not destructive, and people will stop seeing you as a troll.

    With regards to the broadcast, we have given you more chances than most at doing broadcasts or filling commentary roles in the past. In most cases you took advantage of the role we gave you, but you still under-performed. We've tried time and time again to put it to you in a nice way that we no longer wish to work with you for broadcasts, but you insist on not taking no for an answer. Whilst we appreciate the perseverance, it actually gets annoying when you carry on like this.

    Please Ron, stop with the nonsense now. Accept that for now, people do not want to work with you. Work at yourself, work at your brand, and give people a GOOD reason to want to work with you.
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  14. What pain Ron? Physical pain? Not finding this funny, just strange. What is it you actually want in life? This is not worth getting upset over is it?
    What is it you do for RD anyway?
  15. tried to get involved in the media and live broadcast side of things, but recently they are like..[​IMG]

    ok i undertand
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  16. Mapu

    Premium Member

    It's just the internet, a huge anonymous place which brings out the best in people for most primitive reasons.

    A while ago I insisted on getting my licensed membership (and name) revoked from RD because of a dispute with some twerps. It wasn't the best move from my side I have to admit since those guys are already gone it seems and nothing has been achieved.

    Don't let it get you down. Ratings don't say much, just that some lazy person disagrees with your statement and doesn't want to give you a clear reason for that. ;)
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