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Released Versme

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Barbje_Keller, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. ...download file follow video credits...

    Current version is v.1.0.1
  2. How to install,i try to RX_CONTENT/tracks,but on start it writes- failed to load the track,then loads Cote Arbroz track:confused:.Where to send installation??
  3. I'm happy that Bosjan managed to convert the track - it's a fantastic work! I hope he can do also shadows too and it can bring more fun from driving - congratulations!
  4. This is different instalation then RX plugin. You must used instal file, like cz track and game with it in shakedown mode (with cz plugin)...

    Tank's Marti, but with shadows we have problem, becose right shadows can do only Wally, only he have right software for that...Or need the man who can create special software for making hard shadows like in originals rbr tracks...
  5. Nice track,i have no problems with installation of czech tracks,but if someone have problems like me,add Track.ini and TrackSettings.ini to original ini files in map folder.After this i was found track in shakedown options,maybe this happens just in my case..
  6. Is there any way to put it into RSRBR? Because I don't have Czech plugin.
  7. Hi, very nice superstage stage. For playing this stage on RSRBR plugin , we
    need permission of the modders to integrate the stage in a next RSRBR update (with all weather mod aswell). ,I hope the modders will agree because this is a beautiful superspecial!
  8. Yes of course you can use this stages in yours plugin, but first, we must to do all updates. But you have permission to change only one banner texture (banner.dds) (for yours current rally what need) (he is seen 3 times: in start, finish and in back of track, places. Banner.jpg All others textures, you can't changes or to be modified...
  9. It will be great if this track will be in RSRBR plugin. I wish.
  10. Hi Barbje Keller,

    Thanks for RSRBR permission. We will add the stage in a future update without changing anything and giving of course credits to you. Tell me when you update the stage in a final version.

    The only problem I got in the stage is the backfront which is not visible in low or medium resolution but OK in High detailed level. Except that, everything is nice! A lot of fun driving on it. :cool:

  11. Missing terrain problem (with low graphics) is solved in version 1.0.3 - please download it
  12. Convertation of VERSMĖ is finish! Now all works on this stages is over.
    Track suported all surfaces conditions, weathers, animation and shadows too.
    Now tracks can used in all pugins with cuerrectly permission
    Download site: http://www.b2-net.com/download/cat_view/22-rbr-tracks