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Version 1.3C trailer

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Sérgio Marques, Jul 28, 2011.

  2. What makes you think this is 1.3C? This is all just the old 1.3 Beta stuff. Nothing new here...
  3. it's confirmed that in few day KUNOS will realease the new update with an extra car
  4. Great news. :)
  5. I thought the same thing - looks old - but it seems the new car is the Vintage in GT spec, lower faster etc. Just hope the suspension is adjustable.
  6. Really? Well, without even trying the new one, I know what my preference will be :tongue:

    Anyway, yeah, we currently have a beta, it looks old because it pretty much is the same thing, just polished (rain and netcode hopefully). Would be nice if there were interactive buttons in the three newest cars as well.
  7. Good news.. after some time netkar maybe get out of hibernate. Hope we will also see a netkar 2.0 announcement too.
  8. It's always nice hearing of game updates news...Often it seems almost hopeless but then some news come up and things start moving again! :)
    On a more serious note through i really hope Kunos takes his time with this and do a proper netkar update.The netcode still is a mess where other sims have gone past those problems ages ago.I really hope netcode is finally rock solid without the collision lag and constant crashes.When competitor sims like lfs and iracing can have 32 grid races smoothly as silk and without a single crash no matter what is happening in the track,its unacceptable for netkar's 8 grid races to have so much problems during collisions.I really hope for this to be finally fixed and hopefully 16 grid races could be possible.

    Also about some other things that bugged me...There are still no hand/driver animations added to the game...and there are still not any improvements with the lighting/shadows.I can only dream how amazing netkar could be during rain races if lighting is improved along maybe a hdr addition.

    Also it was nice seeing the gt version of the cars in the game but...really if i want to race with gt cars ,Gtr evo/race on does a damn good job for the moment ...I as a lot of other people really like normal cars and that is what keeps us from diving into netkar most of everything else.Nobody asked here for Grand Turismo's 1000 + cars...heheh

    -But Kunos...really if you don't have the time to model a dozen cars,hire a modeler and a good texturer to help you with modeling a dozen or 2 of normal cars and trust me,i can guarantee netkar's community easily doubling or more.

    I hope Kunos(Stefano) listens and tries to add/fix the above features and problems...Even with all the money iracing has made it still feels inferior to netkar pro and it is a pity a sim so incredible still is so much neglected by pretty much everyone.
  9. The hardest part is not modelling the outside of the car but having its physics right, and with a good set.
  10. Hello guys! Long time to see u!

    Its comin!!! :woot::woot::woot:

  11. Thats right justasimfun,the most of people likes normal cars and stefano dont seems that can realise that.If he adds 2-3 more normal cars the community will doubles easily.I posted a screenshot that i took some days before,i saw that someone raced with a car named 911cup.Probably kunos planning to release a porsche in future....Count 3 years for that :p
  12. Sadly with EA holding the exclusive licence for Porsches it is not tomorrow we will see one in nKPro...
  13. Well, the Vintage isn't called a Shelby Cobra. This could be a 911 inspired car without any badges.
  14. EA have exclusivity? Since when lol! If EA had exclusivity they'd be pretty pissed at the fact Forza has them in, and I'm pretty sure GT5 does too. Also, EA are publishers, not a studio team, it would be one of the franchises that had those rights, if they existed.
  15. Um. It's been a while now. Other games could get Porsches in their games only through sub-licensing with EA.
  16. If he just makes a Porsche and released it as a mod. Its all oke.
    Offcourse if its scratch made. :)
  17. The new Forza won't have any Porsches in it as Senad already mentioned for previous Forza titles they sub licensed everything from EA and according to virtualR that deal didn't surface this time so they go the same route as GT5 now and put in some RUF Porsches which do not fall under EA's license since they got no Porsche badge on them.
  18. god damn EA... they have to ruin everything dont they... lol
  19. Exactly that Christian....I have said it countless of times yet...i don't know what to say.I have talked with Stefano some time ago about a lot of things concerning netkar and he seems genuinely like a very very smart guy and i don't understand why he does not try to hire a modeler and a texturer or 2 to make a couple of normal cars.He has a lot of grand visions for the future but he also is sensible enough to hold back a lot of things so netkar pro stays easy to run on most computers.
    But some things like hand/driver animations,a more complex cockpit camera view,more normal cars and some vertex deformation (on normal cars ) are not things that are neither that difficult to do ,neither they affect performance a lot...

    I follow netkar for the last 2 years at least after i tested it from curiosity ,yet i still have not bought it or thinking about jumping in...The driving feeling,force feedback and sounds are second to none in my personal opinion but netkar pro is still a game ,sim or not and if you cannot drive something you like and is similar with what you drive in real life -or you would love driving in real life makes it for me not that interesting...I have a s14a aero in real life and through its na i still have a lot of fun with it from time to time in the track.In lfs as dated as it is ,there is a mod where i can drive the same car(albeit turbo through heheh) in the game and it feels very close to real life.If only netkar had a few normal cars.....

    If you listening stefano ,do think about hiring a modeler and a texturer to make a few cars.