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Version 1.3 Lap Times

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Corey Slade, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, Anyone keen on sharing there lap times for some track's you have drove on 1.3

    For me i havnt had alot of time to get prac in but thats the beauty of League not starting till feb :veryhappy:

    The few lap's ive down around each track ive done.

    Bathurst - 2:07:7 - 120L Fuel
    Adelaide - 1:30:009 - 70L Fuel
    Eastern Creek Laser - 1:31:6 - 80L Fuel

    Ill get some actual prac in and have another crack

    Cheer's, Corey #16
  2. Would you mind sharing the replay file of your 2:07.7 round Bathurst?

    Also there is no need to make dual accounts - read the forum rules.
  3. Ill try find the replay... And delete my old one i couldnt remember the PW for the Email adress i used so i just made a new one.
  4. It will be merged.
  5. Nice times around Bathurst Corey. Well done
  6. Thank's Ryan and sorry agian.

    Did 15 laps at bathurst tonight did a 2:07:622 - No Aid's - Stuffed final sector got massive sideways outta the chase.

    Did 10 at Phillip Island only got into the high 34's No Aid's so alot more time to be found
  7. Hi guy's.
    Cozmo16, Your in a league with custom skins aren't you? Sorry that's Cozmo858.

    If so and you used your custom skin a replay from you to a non-member that doesn't have your leagues skin pack want work.
    Anyway for a replay can you please use a original V8Factor car.
  8. Hey mate, Its Cozmo16 as i dont use 858 anymore was only mu number untill 16 became avliable.

    If you want i can maybe put a vid on youtube of the lap??? its not a great lap much more in it.
  9. Sorry Cozmo16 I didn't mean to offend you. I did think that it was infact two different people when I added (Sorry that's Cozmo858).
  10. HAHAHA Nar its cool man all good, Ill see if i can put it on youtube today.
  11. Not yet broke under the 209's at Bathurst yet....209.2 i think my best so far,any kind of mid to low 209 needs a crazy kind of attack driving and "The Chase" just always freaks me out,i would enjoy a lap or two trying to hang on to your coat tail Cozmo,i enjoy following and studying....although it could be a short lived chase....
  12. Hi to all and firstly, best wishes for 2010 to V8FACTOR mod team / RaceDept / and all the drivers..
    PanAm (pants amateur) here.. just set up the V8 mod after watching some brockie/Bathurst material on youtube, (i got the v8 bug)
    I have not had time to get on the tracks proper yet but, im looking forward to trying this great looking car out..
    I have edited a couple of dds from the .mas, windshield is now clear / tyres are default dunlops but I have made them 60% darker..
    May well make a nice new skin yet,, its all building up nicely to my first outing (really dont wanna trash this beautiful car) :)
    Nice to see a few times posted, I wont be anywhere near those but.. its a target :)

    May i ask one non time related question in here too, (sorry if its in the wrong place)
    The dashboard in cockpit.. (FORD) the only thing i dont like the look of is the extreme shine on the panel behind steering (around clock) Can anyone from the mod team or any of you guys direct me to the .mas / .gen or .dds file that controls that alpha shine.. I would like to reduce it..

    anyway.. Thanks for the great mod, the anticipation is making me feel 12yrs old again..
    Take care out there..

  13. Wheres the replay :tongue:

  14. [​IMG] Originally Posted by Cozmo16 [​IMG]
    HAHAHA Nar its cool man all good, Ill see if i can put it on youtube today.

    Has someone seen this on youtube if so is there a link please.....
  15. Do you have pics of what you have done?
  16. We have a member that races occasionally due to his work commitments and this is his best lap time at Bathurst from out hotlaps Board,Which is feed directly from the server.

    After a total of 25 Laps this is his fastest. 2:06.095

    I raced against him in a 3 hour enduro at bathurst amongst a field of 28 Teams,and his lap times were unbelievable to look at in monitor.
    All bar two of his laps were in the mid to low 2:07.xxx, that was was across both of his stints...

    These fast times are achievable with the correct approach,I have his car setups and cannot get near him.
  17. @ Vito, I never ended up uploading the vid to youtube... I quit racing the V8factor 1.3 mod pretty much right after that as i didn't like the feel of it.

    @ Robert, Nice man he is quick i actually dont play RFactor any more and haven't for some time ive moved onto iRacing.

    Before i stopped on RFac i pulled a 6.4 in a praccy server with some of the guys i use to race with.
  18. ABS and cutting the esses? Impressive time but not impressive enough :)

    Fastest I've seen was a 6.8 but that was very nearly a year ago now.
  19. nah no abs