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version 0.8.31 (racer.nl) graphic problems.

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by dark", Apr 6, 2011.

  1. First of all, hi the racer community!
    I am quite a pro drifter in games world, and i am following all Racer improvement regular.
    So i have downloaded (like always from racer.nl) one of the newest ver which is 0.8.31.
    Downloaded just 1 car (Aasbo supra) and bunch of tracks. And baam, on most of the track that i've downloaded i have problems with textures, like here


    as you can see the car and track are ok, just the sky.

    If anyone could tell me where to search for solution i will be thankful.

    regards dark"

    btw my drifting carrier :) www.youtube.com/user/darkLFS

    i have a 4 core AMD phenom (2.4 GHz), ASUS gForce 8800 GT, around 2gb RAM

    i've tried no_cg version, it's working (not on all maps) but it's not what i want to have. dunno even how ppl have this cosmic graphics like in future games
  2. That isn't a big issue, the solution, take the skydome from carlswood_nt & paste it in your track folder. Bring its shader or better said, its material name inside your track (.shd) shader file. You might import your skydome in Modeler to scale the mesh with x100 scale function & re-export to the same name => override file. Also, take the carlswood_nt skydome tga/dds files to your track folder.

    More about Racer materials & their params :

  3. Also compare the gfx section of special.ini with the special.ini file on the track you have the problem and make comparable.
  4. Hey guys, i have the same problem i really don't know all this technical stuff is racer so il need a tutorial
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    There you go. Read what has been said, it's not hard to do.