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Venue file V0423 help please

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Fatboymart, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I am trying to get back into an old track development from V0423. I seem to remember I had to save the old BTB folder as old but this is where I forget.

    I now open V0606 - file and open as 0423. scroll to the folder where I used to save all the old track information, select the track xml - then I receive the attached error.

    I have no idea what I'm doing most days, so please make the answer simple to understand


    I cant believe how far 0606 has come on since 0423, just amazing.



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  2. I haven't tested lately, so I could be wrong, but I think just moving the project to BTB's project folder could fix it.

    its worth a try at least :)
  3. I think it means that your old textures and materials folders from need to be in the same directory structure that they were in relative to your Projects folder for BTB to find them.

    I hope that makes sense!
  4. Thanks both.

    I have caused myself a problem from the start. I have a folder which has nothing but Venue.xml (saved and named according to progress with build) I would scroll here in the past to open an - in development track. (

    The rest of the data I bilieve would site in the BTB folder under C/program files/BTB/projects/name of my track...

    During the transformation to the new BTB software I followed instructions by Piddy - renaming BTB (under "C" above) to BTBold.

    I have done nothing else.

    I then installed the new BTB on "C", this and subsequent development enhancements has worked well.

    Run BTB (
    Now to open an old track I follow the same theme as before...File/open ....scroll to the folder which has loads of old Venue.xml's (as mentioned above) this is where I experiance the error message.

    I have so many saved Venue.xml's for the build I now don't know how to go forward.

  5. If you haven't already . .

    Try putting your old venue file into what is now C/program files/BTBold/projects/ and then opening it from there using File/Open in

    As long as your old Materials and Textures folders are still in the BTBold folder it should find them ok.
  6. Thanks Again for the advice. I hadn't tried your suggestion, but gave it a go. I instantly came into another problem of my own making which has lead me to start again with rather than try resurrecting an old project that was mainly used as an educational tool before I attempted anything major.

    The other problem I came across was just as much my fault for not having a proper file system for each project save. I must of had at least 50 xml's to choose from, so finding the correct one to put into the folder posed a problem to deep to continue.

    Thanks for your advice.