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Venom's F1 2012 DFGT Force FeedBack MOD with "Road Feel"

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by venom16000, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Hey Everybody!

    This is my Logitech Driving Force GT Force FeedBack MOD with Road Feel for F1 2012.

    Everytime I changed my DFGT's buttons to a custom config, it kinda screwed me around with the FFB's "feeling" and settings ingame, also changed to custom controller. So I changed the DFGT's Controller and FFB files and button layout to my liking so it is set by DEFAULT as a Logitech Driving Force GT with all my custom button mappings. I also I hated the flat feeling and no road force feedback on my wheel and added my own effects.

    Another problem I realized was that the wheel would kinda snap to center and no force feedback after turning or in the middle of chicanes with a DFGT... I have fixed this issue!

    I just swapped the "Rear View" and "DRS" buttons around in my DFGT's custom controller layout.

    Triangle Δ = Look Back
    Square □ = DRS

    Logitech Profiler & F1 2012 FFB Settings:

    If you want keep the DEFAULT button layout, just replace the \actionmap\Logitech Driving Force GT USB NEW.xml with the original "Logitech Driving Force GT USB NEW.xml" included in the ORIGINAL folder.

    I have added 3 settings for the DFGT's road feel: Low Medium and High
    I recommend starting with Low... then test which one you prefer.
    You have to set the game's FFB Effects to at least 30%-50%

    >>>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<<<


    Choose a folder between Low, medium and high and UnRAR THAT folder's files into "F1 2012" Main Folder (example: "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\F1 2012\")
    Backup of original files included in the "ORIGINAL" folder

    Enjoy! :D
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  2. Hey guys,

    Sorry had a little glitch "juggling" the files around in the mod...

    If you downloaded the mod before this comment:
    Please RE-DOWNLOAD as the right "original" file is now included!

    Sorry about that :redface:

    Thank you guys! :D
  3. The problem is - if I try to reduce the default 5% deadzone, the setup changes to "Custom", which misses the whole point of this mod.
    So: can you set the amount of deadzone in these files?
  4. You have to change it manually by editing the file "Logitech Driving Force GT USB NEW.xml" with notepad or wordpad. Just search for the action's name and change the values of the deadzones for them... As an example:
    <Action actionName="Brake">
    <Axis axisName="win_con_di_axisRz" deviceName="046dc29a" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalNegative" deadZone="0.0" saturation="1.0" />

    In-game would be:
    deadZone = 0%
    saturation = 0%

    ENDR, you didn't understand correctly... Unfortunately this mod is NOT meant for you to be able to change your "custom" mappings in-game and let it still show your Controller as default... But if you do change your controller's button mappings & deadzones within the file, it will show your controller as default WITH your custom mappings... :)
  5. That is exactly what I ment and what I did. I just didn't think of adding those two parameters to the brake's "Axis" subnode.
  6. Ahhh crap, they were there all along, I just didn't notice it :roflmao: