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Skins Veloce GTS-8 momo 2016-05-14

momo skin for this great car!!

  1. zorro-rojo submitted a new resource:

    Veloce GTS-8 momo - momo skin for this great car!!

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  2. ronniej

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  3. Livery texture too low res or not a near size match to begin with. When scaled or zoomed out the anti aliasing in game will create jagged lines on angles. Or it is the shadow striping effect on the black. Limitation of AC. You can see it on most skins, some worse than others, some you cant see until you really look. I had a problem similar on a couple or f1 skins. Turned out to be the light source on the yellow when directly next to a dark colour.
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  4. Please PM me your dds file with the contoured arrow sample and I'll check it out when I find some time. :)

    PS: You could use a EXT_rim_map.dds so that your rim doesn't reflect so much white in the painted areas were it was chromed before, mostly in the black lip and outside red trim. You'll just need to darken those zones a bit.
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  5. thanks for the reply! I asked Sunny Sky Speed and he is checking . in the next skin I test the ext rim map :thumbsup:
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  6. Hi, I just took a look at it as it's something I'll surely stumble on someday.
    Loaded your skin on PS, did a thin 2 pixel black contour on the yellow arrow and checked for results, and could repeat them. IMHO, this seems related to DXT compression on the lower resolution mip-maps, where some particular color transitions tend to cause this square artifacting (red + black can cause a lot of trouble, I had also on my Martini skin with black outlined sponsors over the red part of the stripes, but it's more noticeable right in the main texture because it's only 2K as your first mip-map that shows it). If you resize your livery to 2K, you'll see the same artifacts right in the main skin, so it really seems related to DXT compression on your first 2K mip-map after the main 4K texture render is dropped. I've tried also to export the .dds without mip maps to let the game generate them, but they're generated again under the same DXT compression as the original .dds dictates, so they'll appear again looking the same.

    If you try to export the texture as an uncompressed ARGB dds, you'll see that the problem simply disappears, even if you let the game generate it's own mip-maps (because they'll still be uncompressed in this scenario). But this is, of course, an awful solution at 4K for memory usage with a full grid, unless you warn users without vram to spare.

    I've also tried some rich blacks instead of 0.0.0, but without success, and depending on brightness levels, grey can cause it too (mid grey is a no-go). For this particular livery, I'd suggest to put two outlines on the arrows to avoid the black to red transition. A inner one in black, and a (thinner) yellow on the outside. Black then white before the red looks nice too.

    Keep them coming! :)
  7. thank you very much for your research work. sorry I do not understand half of what as said. :cry:I'm a newbie. I have only very basic knowledge about making skins. I have to look at many tutorials and read a lot of more to be at your level.:redface: but your idea of black and white lines like me! when finished the skin I'm doing I will try that. Thank you :thumbsup:
  8. Np, and don't worry, I've also started skinning about two months ago in AC with this car, and face the most of the same challenges as you. The previous time I've done something similar was more than 10 years ago, and life was simple as 1K .bmp files on IL-2. :thumbsup:

    English isn't my main language, but I'll try to explain the first part of the previous post a bit better:

    These DDS files are saved with DXT compression to spare vram on your GPU. This same compression causes those artifacts (being red to black transitions critical), but in a 4K texture they are less noticeable at close distance because of its high resolution. But if you initially saved your texture at 2K instead (1/4th it's resolution, at 2048x2048px like Kunos cars) you'd notice them immediately when the camera is close.

    After the car is loaded with your original 4K skin and you move the camera away, after a precise distance the game will show progressively lower resolution versions of the main 4K texture(s) to free up resources. These are called mip-maps (each 1/4 the size of the previous one), and you included 8 on your original dxt5 .dds file (so it includes 4K, 2K, 1K, 512, 256, 128, 64, 32, and finally 16x16px; a grand total of 9 versions of your skin). But even if you don't add them, AC will create them on-the-fly with matching compression while loading the car, adding to the skin's loading time.
    The first mip-map that will appear when you move the camera away is the 2K version of your texture were you can spot those jagged artifacts clearly, even if they already happened more subtly when the 4K texture was still seen.

    If instead of the current DXT5 8bpp ARGB format, you selected 32bpp ARGB (which suffers no compression), a much larger .dds file will be created and then those problems won't show either on main skin, or its mip-maps. So when the 2K version of your texture pops in the screen, it'll have no compression artifacts, and will look as you wished. But the payoff is a huge vram usage for such uncompressed textures.

    So, in the end, and due to my limited knowledge, what I proposed you was simply to avoid abrupt red to black transitions in places where those artifacts are prone to occur (mostly on these long diagonal shapes), by using another color between red and black.
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  9. sorry for delay in reply !!. Thank you so much for your explanation !! ;) I understand what your saying to me. I was thinking of trying on 32bpp ARGB but I will not do. I will try to put the external lines to see how it looks in a new version. once again thank you for taking the time to help me! :thumbsup: