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Skins Veloce GTS-8: Martini 6 1.04

Veloce GTS-8 racing livery

  1. AlleyViper submitted a new resource:

    Veloce GTS-8: Martini 6 - Veloce GTS-8 racing livery

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  2. that beautiful!! nice skin!! we have to make a career! your gray martin against my white martini :D
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  3. Thanks! I think those big "don't drink and drive" billboards at BCC were targeted at these Martini Guys :D
  4. Absolutely superb, an action shot for appreciation.....
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  5. Thanks for your appreciation! Right now I'm trying to redo the front arrow ending print as I'm not really satisfied with it as it stands (Henry Clay lettering and stripe parts).

    Because this skin has some details inspired in some particular 911s, I believe these details might not be to everyone's liking. The rims paint that tries to emulate 2.8 RSR's rims (link) when seen from the side (hence the ending black border), and most specially the front "arrow ending" that this example and some Martini Prototypes of the era had in assorted shapes (or this modern interpretation, too). I opted for something more discrete because of this car's front flow, and how it'd be almost impossible to make it work over the hoods louvers (due to texture distortion and mostly my inexperience). This is how it's looking ATM:
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  6. Amazing skin! how you got the kunos style preview with AcToolsShowroom app?
  7. Thanks, glad you enjoyed! The AcToolsShowroom is listed in credits for another purpose, I use it for "live" previewing while editing psd skin files. You can make kunos style previews in two simple ways, the easier is to use x4fab's AcTools Car Manager (link) (also, check his console version that sets the right settings automatically link), or ksPreviewBuilder in your assetto's sdk folder (read instructions in it's GUI, because you'll also need to copy showroom_start.ini do documents\assetoo corsa\cfg).
    In the same sdk folder is also the black room (previews folder) that you'll need to copy to \assettocorsa\content\showroom\.

    Ensure that you set max details on the game prior to generating previews, else, use the x4fab's console version, or make a custom \documents\asseto corsa\cfg\video.ini before using AcTools CM, or rename it as preview_video.ini so that ksPreviewBuilder uses it (you can try this one I've uploaded that generates a 4k res 8AA file with max settings to be downscaled, so rename it to video.ini or preview_video.ini depending on what program you'll use link). For the correct PP filter, AcTools CM automatically sets it, while under KsPreviewBuilder you must copy it to the instructed folder, and then call it in the last line of your preview_video.ini file with FILTER=S1-Showroom.
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