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Skins Veloce GTS-8: Gulf 49 1.03

Veloce GTS-8 racing livery

  1. my name is Heiko Thoms aka DiRTyDRiVER, Administrator of the schwarzbierbude.de ..the friendly Assetto Corsa server."
    Your Skin "Veloce GTS-8 Gulf #49" we would like to offer our members for download. Distribute and install with SBB-Autoupdater. You have not extra work.
    Give a Permission?

    H. Thoms
  2. Hi,
    Sure, as long as you'd be so kind to credit it somehow. It's very fresh, so it might have a few bugs or small details I might change soon, but if you find this livery worth it as it is, please go ahead!
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  4. Last edited: Apr 19, 2016
  5. For anyone who downloaded v1.01 please delete it, and re-download v1.02. As I was distracted fixing other details, I forgot to un-hide a detail needed for the stripe on top of the rear arch before uploading.
  6. My favourite one of your skins......amazing.
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  7. Thank you, it's great to see them put to use :)
  8. AlleyViper updated Veloce GTS-8: Gulf 49 with a new update entry:


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