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Vehicle setup file seems incorrect

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Booth.the.doberman, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. I am running the Eve F3s and have an issue with the svn vehicle save files for this car. When I open the file in vi (actually winvi), the first line says:


    I downloaded from this site an F3 svn file and the first line of it says:


    This doesn't affect the gameplay as far as I can tell, except that unless I change the downloaded svn to "_unknown...," it only shows up in the garage if I change from "Vehicle" to "All." I tried an entire reinstall of RF2 (that's kind of a pain, you know), but the issue persists.

    I'm not sure it it's a problem since it doesn't seem to affect gameplay. It might affect the Spotter plugin since that uses the class, which would explain why I keep getting warned that my tires are too cold no matter what setting in put in the spotter ini file.

    I've asked this question at the ISI forum and haven't gotten any relevant responses (a lot of looks but no "buyers"). So I'll ask here. Does this matter? Or should I just get on with life and ignore it.
  2. I think it depends on which Eve F3 mod you're driving. As I recall, the official ISI version has "_unknown_base_vehicle_class_" and the F3 Community mod has "EVE_F3" (because that's what matf1 wanted when he compiled the skins into the mod).

    This leads to the behavior you describe. If you need to migrate files, edit that one line. There's no other difference in the setup files, so get on with life & ignore it ;)
  3. Thank you. I am using the official ISI version of the car. At least I know there's no underlying problem with the mod, etc., that I need to be concerned about.