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Cars VAZ-2106 СLUB racing version 2014-10-10

VAZ-2106, СLUB, racing version

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  1. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman
    Premium Member

    Thank U for this one
  2. Rht


    Awesome little car to drive .... cheers
  3. thanks
  4. Thanks alot! just took a spin with it on Magione and had a blast, the weight transfer between the wheels on this is insane, really well done, Thanks again :D
  5. Great Car.
    But I can't change liveries, even the number 80, that came within the mod.
  6. Good day. I have a question. How i can install this car? After copy this car in assetto corsa folder,
    the car doesn't have a sound.
  7. After the patch for Assetto Corsa to 1.0 RC the sound is missing within this car. Do you have time to fix this car? I i really miss this one.
  8. Same issue with the sound for me. I've noticed this with the Opel too.
  9. Assetto Corsa 1.0 RC - this car NO sound!!!! Please upgrade !
  10. Большое спасибо из Волгограда , помогите запустить звук ,VAZ Lada ,VAZ 2106 Club , Adam , Corvette. На других моделях (1999 Nissan,Opel Ascona,Chevrolet Monza)звук есть. Заранее благодарю . Leopold
  11. Indeed there is no sound after 1.0RC. Hope you can fix it when you have some time.
    Thank you for the car, looks great!
  12. I m tired of waiting for some sound for the two lada we got, how can i fix it myway?