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Vauxhall Vectra & GTR Evolution

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Günthar Rowe, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. What the....!

    I know that the Vectra was not "meant" to be released in the first place... but they changed that later one it was out and about... Why do they not list it anywhere as an available car in GTR Evo, and why didn't they correct their code to allow skins?!?! I was able to mod it to get skins working in a week. This from someone that knew nothing about modding/editting/skinning...

    my 2 cents ....
  2. I have to agree with you,this new release of Evo would have been a good opportunity to tidy up that whole Vectra/Crowne Plaza add on shambles,i was really expecting them to get updated via steam directly to my Race07 install,not the demo caper.....
  3. Same here.
    I had been hoping the Vectra, and ability to skin it directly, would have been included.
    Maybe they they don't intend to make it available with the main package, or are they waiting for STCC (or maybe later a BTCC??)
  4. interestingly, a BTCC add-on was meant to be release before the STCC, but I guess not now....
  5. Talking of gtr evolution, it is meant to be out today on steam and im sat here waiting and still no sign ahhhhhhhhh.
  6. oh, oh, oh, oh......
    And for that matter, WTF is with no Vauxhall, Honda or Peugeot in the XWTCC !!!

    These boys need better drugs, eh...
  7. me too.......
  8. i made a deal with steam to delay the release until i got home from work :amen:
  9. also is it just me or do the specs of these xtreme cars seem much like the german dtm cars i.e lightweight car high powered engine and rear wheel drive
  10. Being like DTM cars is not a bad thing in my book :D
  11. nope its deffinatly not a bad thing they are the fastest touring car i have seen they are good to see live as i watched them at brands yesterday and they are awsome but very very loud they are twice as loud as lewis hamilton f1 car which they were demoing earlyer in the day:cool:
  12. It's just a shame that there are only the Audi & Mercedes in DTM now

    I remember the good old days when you had the Alfa's and a few other's i cant remember if there where but sure remember the orange Alfa off Christian Albers

    Not sure why i remember him though LOL
  13. here u go m8 well worth watching if u like dtm
  14. oh brings back memories, gotta love the high pitched scream of the M3 :)

    How could have i forgot the Opal Calibra i remember you could buy a bodykit to make your Calibra DTM style LOL man you gotta love the 90's LOL.
  15. they were truelly mental cars it reminds me of when i was little racing scalextric verions of the opel calibra and merc c -klass
    also is it just me or have all of the touring car series's got more boring i mean back in 1998 i rember going to brands with dad to watch btcc and all the cars were seprated by 10th of a second and litrally anyone could win it