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Various Championships 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Darren Bentley, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. X = Completed race

    Australia 26th March X
    Malaysia 2nd April X
    Bahrain 9th April X
    China 16th April X
    Spain 21st May X
    Monaco 28th May X
    Turkey 4th June X
    Canada 11th June X
    Europe 18th June X
    UK 25th June X
    Germany 2nd July X
    Hungary 9th July X
    Belgium 16th July X
    Italy 23rd July X
    Singapore 30th July X
    Japan 6th August X
    Korea 13th August X
    Brazil 20th August X
    Abu Dhabi 27th August X


    PlayStation 3


    Every Saturday when started 18:30 UK 17:30 GMT!!!!!


    Participation: Qualification and Race
    Race Distance: 50%
    Car Assignment: Player's Choice
    Weather Setting: Dynamic
    Track Selection: Abu Dhabi

    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Tyre Wear: On
    Fuel Load Simulation: On
    Car Damage: On
    Car Performance: Equal
    Collisions: Full


    Braking Assist: Banned
    ABS: Allowed
    Traction Control: Allowed
    Dynamic Racing Line: Allowed
    Gearbox: Allowed
    Pit Limiter: Restrict to Manual
    Pit Box Control: Restrict to Manual


    Forum name: bezza695
    PSN ID: bezza695


    1. Driver: Darren Bentley/bezza 695/McLaren
    2. Driver: Mark Frankland/TADGER144/Lotus
    3. Driver: Marcus Lindblom/lindblom98/Ferrari/Out of action
    4. Driver: Mike Legare/GRAY55/Renault
    5. Driver: Tim Popplewell/TPOTANK/Redbull
    6. Driver: Lee Cocker/LDENTLC4L_TWLNZ/Williams
    7. Driver: Flavio Morado/kekks35/ Toro Rosso/Official Warning
    8. Driver: Thomas Larsson/Beerboy666/Mercades
    9. Driver: Patrick Aarup/Patrickaarup/Sauber
    10. Driver: Desmond Humphrey/NL-SKUNK/Virgin
    11. Driver: Romano Valente/Romano_xD /HRT
    12. Driver: Jamie-lee Mayers/iam_thegame/Force India
    1 Thomas Helmer/TH_2310
    2 Oli Peacock/Olliekart
    3 Indrek Maeots/Indreksan/Official Warning/Out of action
    4 Mark Edwards/ak-47SKUNK
    5 Paul Wise/Cupra-r
    6 Ryan Bakken/OpusX_SRT

    For those who which to enter the new league system, after this Championship has finished, you must qualify in the top 5 to be guaranteed entry into the highest league, the remaining places will be decided through hot-lap challenges.
    Drivers Championship
    1. Lee Cocker:298 WORLD CHAMPION YAY :D
    2. Jamie-lee Mayers:293 RUNNER UP < GUTTED :D
    3. Thomas Larsson:235 3RD
    4. Tim Popplewell: 148 4TH
    5: Darren Bentley:143 5TH
    6: Mark Frankland:135
    7: Patrick Aarup:105
    8: Flavio Morado:103
    9: Marcus Lindblom:80 Oli Peacock (Reserve):80
    10: Indrek Maeots:68
    11: Romano Valente:64
    12: Desmond Humphrey:53
    13: Thomas Helmer (Reserve):23
    14: Mike Legare:21
    15: Rob Butler (Dunno if he wants to still be in): 15 Jon Fairfield:15
    16: Derek Farquhar:12
    17: Nic Morley:10
    18: Paul Wise:0 (Reserve) Mark Edwards:0 (Reserve)
  2. Was leaft in a really bad mood after that race in Malaysia
  3. Jamie-Lee Mayers

    Jamie-Lee Mayers
    Just Another Racer Premium

    Enjoyed my first race, how Thomas finished some 11 seconds in front of me at the end i dont know but great drive from him all the same, shame there wasnt more people on the grid though but hey theres more races to come.
  4. Yeah I know quiet a few no showed still a little annoyed about my first lap with you, but I do know it was a racing incident and that's life
  5. Sorry I didn't realize this championship had started and it looks like I have missed 2 races lol. Iam in 2 others and totally 4got bout this one. I will be there on sat from now on bezza.
  6. I thought you did oh well your not the only one to have missed two races
  7. want to let you know will not beable to make this saturday have to be in montreal
    so if a reserves can replace see you guys on the 16 in china

    have a good race guys
  8. Ok thanks Mike for letting me know
  9. can i put my name down as a reserve driver please
  10. brilliant thanks
  11. If I got a capture card or a new DVR who would watch my races that I would have posted from my championship on this site and my F1F league races
    Also with my commentary (not through race though)
  12. its going to be hard race for me tomorrow,i dont know why but i hate that shakir
  13. so how do you get on the server, i am a bit slow with computor skills
  14. First I still need to add you, and wait for an invite off me at 6:30 pm tonight, if I need you, but I probably will need you
  15. I'm available as a reserve if needed. I've an hour to get used to the pit limiter on manual, and find a button to map it too!
  16. That was one derby I will never forget
  17. Sorry. I was just to bad to day. :-(
  18. Not your fault horrible race today (if it was called a race)
  19. yes :(
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