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Vanishing Replays

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by P*Funk, May 5, 2015.

  1. So I was going to look at an old replay to recollect how I drove a good lap at a track and quite a few of my old replays have disappeared, like even ones from a few days ago. I actually used one to record a video a few days ago and now the one I used is gone.
  2. In your .PLR file you have two entries like these below:

    Number Track Replays="2" // how many replays to store for each track (using default naming convention only!)
    Number Race Results="2" // how many results files to store (using default naming convention only!)

    I got mine on 2 because I don't want to keep several replays (can't recall what is the default). So everytime that I race a third time in a same track, the oldest replay get replaced, so I'll have only the two more recent in the fridge.
    Keep in mind that this number is valid for "default names", i.e., if you rename a replay, it will not be considered for removal anymore.
  3. Thanks. Is there a setting for telling it to not even bother counting and never delete them or should I just set it to 99?
  4. Well, I keep a low number of replays to avoid filling my disk, and just rename the ones I care right after the session. Remember that by renaming them, they'll "fall off" of the automatic management list, so they will not get deleted/overwrite by the game anymore.
    AFAIK, you can put any number greater than zero on these lines, so go ahead and put 99, or even 1000 if you wish so. ;)