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Vanilla Balance Mod Beta - Testers Wanted

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by TheFlamingRed, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Make sure you down load all the parts!
    This mod has now been released. All the changes are listed in the above link. If a Forum Admin is reading this, if you could remove the "Testers Wanted" and change it to "Development Discussion" thread, it would be appreciated.


    Note: In attempts to fix the interviews and dilemmas, I have temporarily removed all non English languages from those two files. I hope to reinsert them into a later version (but when I do, they'll still be the vanilla text as I am unable to translate in any other language).

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  2. Avenues for Continued Development.
    • Personality Tweaks
    New Avenues for Development.
    • Increase the frequency of lock-ups, but decrease the severity of them. Investigating
    • Add Random variance to elements of the game. I.e., Number of GMA topics. Investigating
    Recently Completed Development (to be released in the next version)

    Archived and Released New Features in 1.2


    • Crash Director - OnSessionStarting. Increased the chances of (race ending) crashes occurring from the vanilla upper bound of 2. There is now a 5% chance of upto 5 crashes, 5% chance of upto 4 crashes, 10% chance of upto3 crashes, 30% chance of upto 2 crashes, 30% chance of upto 1 crash, 20% chance of no crashes occurring.
    • Assets - Simulation Settings. Changed Short Qualify from 8 minutes to 5 minutes to make it a one shot qualifying. Change Medium Qualifying from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Changed Long Qualifying from 12 Minutes to 18 minutes, to ensure that all cars can get in a good lap.
    • Assets - Parts. Changed the costs of part development for APSC by x1.2 and WMC by x1.6,
    • CarPartDesign - GetDesignCosts. AI gets a 80% discount from the development of parts.
    • CarPartDesign - SetBaseStats. Made the following changes:
      • CarPartDesign - SetBaseStats. Increased Designer Stats to be 3* more powerful! Luckily the AI have a tendacy to make pretty good Designer Staff choices! Yay for them.
      • Tyre Wear to become "Component Wear"
        This will now effect the base RedZone (vanilla 20%) when developing parts. It will go from having 30% Redzone (0* Chassis) to 10% Redzone (5* Chassis)
      • Heat Management to become "Vehicle Stability"
        This will now effect the base Reliability (vanilla 40%) when developing parts. It will go from having 20% Reliability (0* Chassis) to 60% Reliability (5* Chassis)
      • Fuel Efficiency is to become "Performance Efficiency"
        This will raise the BaseStat when developing a new part. This ranges from +0 (0* Chassis) to a +25 (5* Chassis)
      • Improvability becomes "Improvability"
        This does the same thing that it does originally, just better. By default, it increased the max performance (0-20) of a newly created part. This has now been increased to 0-50.
      • Note: Tooltip of the Performance Breakdown is no longer correct as the graphics were not designed to have these different values take place. I cannot change the 'names' of these things chassis areas yet - or their tooltips - I simply cannot find them. If you know where they're located, let me know and I can fix this. May need an artist to fix this. Currently deemed as a 'coding limitation'.
    • CarPartDesign - SetSeasonStartingStats. Increased Player Tech Decay from 5% to 7.5% to take into account the new Chassis mechanics and the increase in designer power. Increased the AI Tech Boost from +25 to +50.
    • GameStatConstants. Set the initial reliability to 20% and initial redzone to 30%. These values are then adjusted via the chassis points.
    • PoliticalSystem - GenerateCalendarEvents. Change the number of voting events from 4 to 8 per year.
    • Assets - Personality Traits. Set durations for most temporary traits, Provided some diversity on others. Enabled the Reigning champion to be repeatable.
    • Decreased the number of scouting slots by default from 3 to 1. Works as Intended. Building the Scout Facility continues to increase the scouting lots by 1 per level (so 1,2,3,4 instead of 3,4,5,6)
    • Decrease the Quality of Initial Parts when you're promoted to a higher league. Normally the car would be given the 8th best parts in the series to give new teams a chance. Their value has now been reduced to 80%. This will now make the parts now the 9th or 10th best in the series, depending on the Opposition.
    • Added new +0 Day, -1 Day and -2 Days Build times per part for the Injector. This is to balance the following feature. Using the +Day Injectors are now ill advised unless you want an ultimate challenge.
    • Player teams will now have their base stat on creating new parts have a -5% debuf, while AI teams will now have their base stat when creating a new part a flat +25. This slows the player's car development, while boosting the AI's car development. This also makes finance more balances as the player must now aggressively develop their car. The player must also invest in Performance HQ buildings to have an advantage over the AI again. This makes keeping up with the AI in higher leagues very difficult. This feature replaces the +X Days Developement time feature (though I have still included those files if a player desires a even harder difficulty).
    • Increased the AI's tenancy to use critical parts again. The latest patch made it so the AI hardly ever used risky parts, while in previous versions they used them extensively. I have taken the average of the old and new methods and hope that the AI uses risky parts - but not too much.
    • Altered the Play and Fastforward speeds from 1.75x, 2.75x, 3.75x to 1.5x, 5x, 10x.
    • Edited so the visible weather by one building level. The default weather visibility if you have no forecast centre is 1/20th of the race distance. This increases to 5/20, 10/20 and 15/20 per HQ Forecast building upgrade.
    • Make it that it takes more then a season for a driver and mechanic to build a relationship - such that the player can be more tempted to bring in a coexiting mechanic/driver pair. Using a third method of modding, I appear to have managed to reduce the weekly relationship gains by 75% and a race end relationship gain by -66%. This should make relationships take between 2 and 3 seasons to max out. This means grabbing pre-existing Driver / Mechanic Combos a more viable option if you wish to use the mechanic perks. (Added via the Assembles. Will release this in when the game is patched to v1.2. A New Game will be required for to make use of this feature)
    • Reduce the player-characters starting stats from 10,10,10 to 2,2,2. This makes is that you cannot sign with Tier 1 teams in season 2. You will have to work in the lower tiers to raise your statistics before being considered for top higher tier roles.(Added via the Resource.Asset. Will release this in when the game is patched to v1.2 A New Games will be required to make use of this feature). I chose to start with 2,2,2 as you can still lose a level.
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  3. Changelog

    • Version 1.00b of the mod released.
    • Released Version 1.2a
    • Released a Part 4 to the mod, which will contain the Assembly File Seperately
    • Released 1.2b (assets and assembly changed. Injector Files unmodified)
    • 1.2b has a bug and won't work.
    • Released 1.2c - This was designed based off the MM 1.2beta patch. Getting that patch maybe required (untested on non beta version).
    • Released 1.2e
    • 1.2f (Part 1,2,4) released. (Part 3 is unchanged and mostly redundant now)
    • Released 1.2f FIXED (part 1 & 2). An experimental component managed to sneak its way into the release. If you see it, know that it will no longer appear come next season so long as you update your asset file.
    • Updated to 1.2g. Lots of changes described above.
    • Updated to 1.2h. The Interview Fix
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  4. You still wotking on this mod? When will it be available?
  5. Hi

    I am ready To Test.

    Its ok to play in Tier 1.
  6. Awesome stuff!
  7. you should collaborate, enzoli and flaming ;)
  8. I am. Should be releasing a more public beta later this week. Noone is reporting crashes.
    I'll send you a file Mondays \ Tuesday
    my changes are quite simple and could be merged with mods which provide graphics\nanes\team changes mode quite easily - probably as simple as exporting 6 text assets from my one, and inserting it in those ones. It should be very compatable, unless those mods also have gameplay changes - which normally is beyond the scope of real life conversion mods.
  9. in your upcoming release do we get more/new changes? should i wait for the new file and stall my own testing-phase.
  10. I like the idea. Definitely something I'd like to see in my mod. Think any mod could benefit from such improvements in gameplay honestly. Well done TheFlamingRed.
  11. MOD with realistic data/stats + Balance MOD = my christmas wish becomes reality :)
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  12. Hi all,
    A question to the modder i dont know where to post this so asking it here flaming red
    Is it possible to simulate the limited number of parts we can use for a season like only 5 engines in F1 this season and 4 Gearboxes etc.
    Im also trying to edit some things but when ever i do change team stats like giving more Money or changing team name in standings table and twitter/news feed only team names are disappeared can any one help me about how to fix that.
  13. Well, like my F1 mod, I am fully happy for you / anyone to use / modify my mod to include in theirs. I would greatly advise that you upload it so that your mod has a 'with balance changes' and a 'without balance changes' version though. My mod intends to make the game a little more difficult and have slower progression, which is great for people who want that, but more casual people who just want a Real World Data type mod probably won't - especially if they're newer to the game.

    Do you have a list of the text-assets you change? I doubt I've changed the any, or at most a tiny set of things that you have, but I can include some additional instructions for areas I know you've modded, so that we can blend the mods better,

    I am sure that it'll be a nice early Christmas present. My mod isn't perfect, and a lot about balance is subjective, and there's some silly things the AI does which I simply can't fix - but I feel there is some improvement. I'm quite close to a public release.

    I would say though, that as long as the developers of the game are still patching and including new things, that you should be realisitic on how long many seasons you want to get out of a save file. Sooner or later, they're going to bring out a big update something that may cause the mod to break badly, and may also break the save files and require me to redesign parts of the mod. Or it may not. It all depends on what and how extremely the devs alter something.

    Needless to say, they're probably working on balance too, even if they don't cause saves or my mod to break, our balances may conflict and I'll have to spend some time re-meshing my balances with theirs.

    In short, be prepared to say goodbye to a save file. But this is probably true of any and all mods until the final version of Motorsport Manager is released.

    1st part... No. not like that...


    There's actually seems to be a limit of 450 total parts a player can have at the moment... it May be possible to bring it down to say, 20 (I assume 12 is used as default parts). Does it cause a crash if you or the AI reach it though? I have no idea. They chose 450 in a year which has only 365 days, which suggests they haven't implemented what happens when you hit the 450 threshold.

    As for your disappearing text problem, check the two modding threads we have 'Modding the Motorsport Manager' and the 'tips, resources and (stuff)' thread - or something like that. It's a common problem that has come up several times and comes down to how you use the extractor and what you use for modifying changes.
  14. @TheFlamingRed
    Thats sucks honestly and thanks for the advice to where to look at for the issue.
    Coming back to your topic of possible features is it possible to create the parc ferme rule like starting on qualified tire and no setup change once we get to qualification run starts for the Series where Qualifying Exists also is it possible to create to force teams to use certain number of tires in a session like in real world like 2 tires only for 1 FP session hence having limited tires for the race day and qualifying session(for series which has q)
  15. No, it isn't.

    I can't create new mechanics which are not in anyway in the game.

    All I can do is modify values really. At best, I can repurpose existing mechanics - but even that is dependant on the coding being cooperative.

    E.g., one thing I wanted to do was to change the playerbackstory Finance perk to make things more expensive by 5%, instead of 5% cheaper. There is a nice variable I can change callled mPlayerFinanceBonus = 5. So I managed to change it to mPlayerFinanceBonus = -5...

    The game didn't like this though, as it is programmed somewhere to take the absolute value, and as such, removed the minus. Which is not something I can her around.

    Luckily, making the mDesignPartTimeBonus was reversible, hence I can increase the days taken to make a part for the player, and leave the AI's development time untouched.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
  16. Well i thought this kind of mechanism might be in the game considering how much real life racing is depending on it. But thats a point which should be taken into consideration for future at playsport team.
    back again to point i feel the Reliability aspect is some what not like real life.I mean take any team they wont put out some 40% reliablity part on their car when they are going to 1st race of season. I feel some 70-80% reliable part is what they take to race instead of this much less reliable parts. Is it possible to change this aspect.
    Also another big point i feel is neither Williams nor Sauber or RBR will develop the engine its done by engine Dev teams who puts a price tag instead of all this development by every team in engine area. So is this possible to replicate in game too ?
    Thanks for your time and effort to make this game to a whole new level.
  17. I actually went the other way in this. I left this as default for the first race of the season, and ontop of that, made it so that each new developed part has more redzeone, to decrease reliability further the better performance part you have. This makes reliability issues more important for the player to deal with. To do what you suggest would take away a portion of the gameplay, in both Retirements, Strategy to look after the parts, and gambling between a mid race repair or try to see your part survive the race.

    I made this design decision because I believe the gameplay mechanic is good. And this mod is designed to be a balance and tweaks mod with the current gameplay, not a realism mod.

    All the tools are there if you can convince someone to make a realism mod though. It's just realism isn't an aspect I'm particularly worried about.

    I have actually made the engine suppliers have a more competitive +BaseStat component - and I may boost it even more in the future (it's something hard to test, as it only can be done by playing lots of seasons).

    But in there of preventing engine upgrades, no, this cannot be done. Nor does it really need to be done.

    When my designers are building a new engine, I don't think of it as "we're building new pistons, new crankshafts, etc". Teams can't do that in house - any of them, only the manufactures can. What I see the teams doing is "Modifying the existing engine, reworking fuel intake, the exhaust, or electrical packages, or other add on things". That's where their extra performances come from.
  18. Sounds Good and i agree with your point of approach to make the game better. I hope we get to play some thing soon.
    as you mentioned base stat component does that turn into some sort of strat modes we hear in Radio. like a difference between teams in terms of power usage at same fuel is that possible. Sorry for asking by comparing and requesting for another realistic aspect
    What i meant is having Merc on Overtake mode is much stronger than say Williams or Manor and likewise for in house engine dev teams
  19. Would be great to remove all female drivers from the game, I'm not against leaving 1 or 2 but having 50% of the drivers as females is just unrealistic considering that this game calls itself a realistic simulation. Female regens pop up too. Hope it can be fixed.
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  20. You are asking this on the most absolute wrong thread ever.
    1. This is a thread about my balance mod. At no point have I stated I want to add realism. Two posts above I stated quite explicitly that I want to put emphasis on gameplay mechanics, not create realism.
    2. The game in a fantasy world. In the world they have chosen, they have chosen that men are equally able and available to race indiscriminately. As someone who plays games with my babygirl, I am all for it
    3. As such, I completely disagree that removing women is a negative thing that must be "fixed", or that removing all female drivers would be "great".
    4. In short, I am never removing females from the game in any mod I make.