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Helmets Van Halen Helmet Schubert 1.0

Frankestein style!!! (Career helmet)

  1. SATLAB90 submitted a new resource:

    Van Halen Helmet Schubert - Frankestein style!!! (Career helmet)

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  2. love this, I'm a guitar player too. I love Buckethead and Slash, van Halen is also great. I'm dutch too ;)
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  3. I'm Italian but i really love Van Halen xD my guitars and my way of playing are inspired to him :) I'm happy to see you like my tribute helmet thanks :))
  4. Great work.. AC/DC would be cool :O_o:
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  5. I think that someone had already done it for F2012 ;)
  6. No, I have most of the 2012 mods. Even an AC/DC Livery would be something!! (Fantasy of course):laugh:

    Using the Helmet in my career. Looks great! Thank you.
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  7. I love this helmet...Van Halen is one of my favourite guitar player !! Very thanks man and...Paaaanama !! :D

    Ps: I'm Italian too ! ;)
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  8. Yeeeeah!!! And the cradle will rock \m/

    Ps è sempre bello sapere che ci stanno altri connazionali in questo sito :) ahah
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  9. I can't find the helmet in the selection screen, it only goes to 42 helmets
  10. Change the gen number to the pssg files (gen_10 for example)
  11. out of topic question...I'm just curious what software do you use to render/view helmets?
  12. I've used photohop for this render... but for a decent rendering you must use 3dstudio max