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Released Valkeri sprint 9,78km

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by DeepJKL_FIN, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Great looking stage, and it's not tarmac \o/. Will try it out tomorrow for sure.
    Must've taken ages to complete...
  2. Somewhere 400 hours and it's not complete... :( my current computer needs some serious parts or i need longer nerves... And a pile of money to build a computer and a stage of my dreams... ;)


    I Will update it in the future and going to change the link in the first post of this topic.

    I will always remove the older version and add version updates + the previous ones.
  4. that looks great, looks verymuch Finland to me.

    it would be dream for me that I could make my craphill to look half that good.
  5. The feeling of the road is amazing. Congratulations.
    The shape of the road for the first 1.5Km is just perfect.
    And some parts of the track look really nice.

    But... you "must" change the collision model for the trees, perhaps checking "Use RBR column" so you only collide with the trunk of the trees, not with branches nor leaves.

    Overall, an impressive work.
  6. There is couple colision broblems. Try to manage with those in time beeing. And i'll get it fixed with the next update.

    And Thanx... :)

    I'm using your Gatova FX folder... and Cielos XPack... so you can thank your self for the sun!

  7. Where is this rbr column feature zaxxon?
  8. As far as I know,
    when objects are collidable, you can collide with a) the whole mesh of the object or b) an invisible column not related to the actual geometry of the object. The difference is really important because when dealing with trees you don't want to collide with the whole mesh, part of which are branches, you want to collide only with the trunk. So for that object you define the dimensions of a "collide column" that should match trunk dimensions. If I am not wrong you can change that parameter with XPacker, and may be also within BTB,but I am not sure of that.

    I suppose for this feature to work properly the trunk must be placed in coordinates (0,0)
  9. Great stage. A lot of fun driving on it.
    Trees collision is obviously frustrating, I hope you'll fix it with Zaxxon's help. To optimize the FPS, I think you should work on numbers of collisions. All trees have collision, even the ones which are far from the road. It's demanding a lot of resources. One of the junction is also a bit to sharp ;-).

    Thank for sharing.
  10. Great work so far, I hope you have patience to finish this one. :)
  11. My patience is growing... i just have to wait for new memory modules to my computer. All ready changed the collisions for the trees and started making pacenotes. :)
  12. Good stage!